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Boosts sales with Pre-Order

Let your customer continues to pre-order while you are out-of-stock, sold out – nothing is worse than missing a customer orders
The pre-order manager has a range of configurations, they can be setup to have specific start/end dates and even apply discounts on Pre-order products. From a single dashboard you can enable and disable pre-orders, and edit or add new ones.
No coding is required; install, set up and configure the pre-order manager app with a couple of clicks, east as one, two, three! It’s easy! Match your store theme by adjusting pre-order buttons, change the design and text as you wish, create your pre-order message and personalize your pre-order label on a cart as well as check-out page. Customization gives you flexibility and a way to stand out from the competition.

Does exactly what we need it to do, with none of the headaches. It allows us to pre-sell new products and start generating revenue right away. Love it would highly recommend

Chic Boutique

The power of Gifting Create incremental sales

Getting a gift for someone is never easy, whether it’s for a loved one or a coworker. One reason is that there are billions of choices. The other reason is that most people don’t have time to look through millions of catalogs to choose one. So, if you have an online store, make it easy for your customers to choose a product to give as a gift. To do this, you should give your customers a gift guide to help them decide what to buy.
The gift options can be added to product pages (above the Add to Cart button), to cart pages and to cart drawers (Ajax/pop up carts) Instead of the pop-up modal, a regular checkbox option with one single gift is also available in the gift option. Attract visitor’s attention by making with shake/blink animation of the gift options; you can now choose to show the gift options only for specific products
No coding is required; install, set up and configure the gift option app with a couple of clicks, east as one, two, three!It’s easy! To hook your target audience and get them to look around for the perfect gift for their loved one orcoworker, you need a catchy headline and message.. Match your store theme by adjusting gift option, change thedesign and text as you wish, create your gift option message and personalize your gift option label on a cart aswell as check-out page. Customization gives you flexibility and a way to stand out from the competition.

Great app for our business, which has many products that are pre-ordered. The button information gives customers another chance to see the dates of release, esp if they missed it in the description.

Bobby H

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