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WordPress Web development

At CanCode.io, we build pixel-perfect intuitive web soultions that elevate your business's online identity.

We ensure all web pages are fast, responsive and optimized for all browsers and devices by preforming through speed and compatibility testing when building and installing. Our developers can help you build crisp, high-performing CMS integrated websites, eCommere, interactive landing pages and more.

We have a tried-and-true website building process made up of four simple steps that guarantess success.

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Tried-and-true website building process

Four simple steps that guarantee success. Even though this process is optimal, it is also flexible enough to adapt to your situation, so feel free to pick just one of the services if that's what you need, or follow the entire path from the Workshop to high-fives and champagne.


This value-packed Workshop at the outset is quintessential to a smooth and successful project, but also offers significant stand-alone value. During the 4-6 hour session, we analyze all the pertinent data to come away with actionable insights (e.g., the archetype of your page visitor, the website's necessary features and initial structure, etc.). The summary of the workshop will not only serve as a roadmap for the project, but more importantly allow your various teams to align and sync internally around a defined, coherent strategy.


Whether using in-your-face branding or elegant subtlety, our design team is ready to make the Workshop conclusions a reality. That means delivering the type of graphic and UX design that will delight your customer personas and smoothly navigate, engage and convert them. Our websites aren’t just smart - they also know how to turn heads.


Our ultimate playground that gets the juices flowing triple fast - making sure your website underneath is a well-oiled machine that seamlessly delivers for your business. Shouldn’t come as a shock since the Dev Team is the largest part of CanCode.io and, not coincidentally, our claim to fame.

Whether WordPress or HubSpot, we have the talent and experience to really make the code hum while doing all the platform do’s and avoiding every don’t that only the experienced few understand.


Even the best coded website, with time and without attention, will get rusty and eventually become a ticking time bomb just waiting to sabotage your business. That’s why there’s Step 4 - Maintenance.

Leave all the security check-ins, software updates, regular backups, etc. along with all the potential headaches to us - your website needs to be an asset, not a source of grief. Also, your ROI looks much better if your website isn’t hemorrhaging money as you’re putting out fires.

Web building and Maintenance service

  • 1

    🔌 Plugins

    Rest easy with your plugins in our hands. From selection to monitoring and updates.

  • 2

    🅰️ Automation

    Benefit from automation and minimize downtime where it matters most - in deployment and monitoring.

  • 3

    👨‍💻💻 Coding

    Stay calm, we’re engineers! When all else fails, we will code your way out of a problem.

  • 4

    🆙 Backups & updates

    If you've ever lost a file that you worked on for a long time, you know how frustrating it is. To ensure that your website doesn't collapse and take all its contents with it, backups and regular check-ups verifying its condition are crucial. Better safe than sorry.

  • 4

    👌 Performance Optimization

    Choosing the best WordPress hosting provider is crucial for site stability and speed optimization. But it's not all there is to it. Images, and especially formats like PNG, are some of the major culprits when it comes to slowing down your website. Slow-performing websites get lower SEO scores - and less traffic!

  • 4

    🔐 WordPress security

    Protecting your site against malware is one thing, but hacker-proofing your clients' personal data is even more crucial. Every type of malicious attack requires a different solution and you have to be prepared for anything in this online free-for-all.

What`s [ inside ] WordPress Development Service?

  • Web design
  • 🌈
  • HTML5
  • 🛒
  • Content Management System
  • ✍️
  • SEO
  • ☎️
  • PHP
  • 📆
  • Node.js
  • 🔧
  • React
  • 🔄
  • CSS3
  • 🧑‍💻💻
  • Javascript and more


Business Analyst

  • Project Kick Off & Tech Requirements;
  • Stakeholder Interviews;
  • Workshops;
  • Product Researches (Market, Competitors, Benchmark Etc);
  • User Flows;
  • Product Scoping & Functionality Prioritization

Project Manager

  • Setting and managing client expectations
  • Developing a detailed project plan
  • Defining the scope of the project
  • Assigning team members to specific tasks

Tech Lead

  • Setting goals and monitoring progress
  • Delegating work and assignments to team members
  • Completing user testing
  • Identify and fix technical problems
  • Conducting security audits


  • Produce clean, efficient code based on specifications
  • Integrate software components and third-party programs
  • Verify and deploy programs and systems
  • Troubleshoot, debug and upgrade existing software
  • Gather and evaluate user feedback Prioritization

UX/UI Designer

  • User Research;
  • User Interviews;
  • Usability Testings;
  • Expert UX Audit/Review;
  • Jobs-To-Be-Done;
  • Best Practices Research;
  • Workshops;
  • Wireframes

CanCode.io Design Team


eCommerce Brands we developed


Tech Project we developed


Designers & Developers in our team


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If you don’t want to deal with speed optimization, countless WordPress plugins, and maleware attacks on your own, consider having us fo it for you?

What our Clients Say?


"Very good follow up, quick iterations, strong UX knowledge"

Tom Wojcicki  Managing Director 

Why work with CanCode.io

We are a team of Tech and UX Design experts who strive to design impactful digital products. We work with tech startups and enterprises in various industries, such as fintech, fashion, digital solutions, traveling, education and healthcare.

Apart from product design, we successfully build our own digital products. It gives us a unique view of industry trends and the latest design solutions.

If you are looking for the right Tech Development, let's get in touch and discuss your objectives.


We have cooperated with both SMEs and large-scale business from domains such as eCommerce, HGOs, finance etc.

Generally, it leans on the complication and scope of project, but we could meet your deadline regardless of the complexity due to experienced and talented web developing supporting teams in our company.

We carry out major open-source eCommerce platforms like Magento, OpenCart, osCommerce, Zen Cart, X-Cart, Volusion, NetSuite, nopCommerce, CMSs such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and technologies like PHP, MySQL, ASP.NET, RoR etc. We also have experienced web developers who are proficient in HTML5, CSS3 web designing and responsive web designing process.

Certainly. We do not only assist you designing an extraordinary website but also help ameliorating you will be rated at the top chart of Google Rankings.

You will own the source code and copyrights of your design when it comes to project completion.

A committed project manager will be assigned to inspect your project and notify you, execute your feedbacks and suggestions and communicate with you throughout working hours.

We can bill in £/$/€

We make contracts for small and large projects. Contact us for more details.

Some clients need us regularly. For these clients we offer a retainer contract with a fixed number of hours per month. This comes with a 12 month contract and a 3 month cancellation notice period. The hourly rate is reduced based on a sliding scale of number of hours. More hours = a lower rate.

If you would like a quote for a retainer contract please contact us.

New clients: Established businesses with trading history are billed either once per month if working on an hourly basis or 50/50 if working on a fixed price project. High risk clients are required to pay 100% upfront for all work e.g companies with no trading history. Invoices are sent with 14 day payment terms.

Existing clients: we bill once per month usually on or around the 5th of the month. Invoices are sent with 14 day payment terms.

Contact us to learn more how to charge

To get a quote please try our tech project calculator. Someone will get back to you within one working day.

If the scope is very clear we can give you a fixed price for completing the work. If the scope is not so clear or may change considerably we will give a range estimate.

Please reply to the email quote we sent or follow instructions on the online proposal.

When you become a client we will onboard you to our billing and support app. You will be granted access to the support channels you need and if you are on retainer we will also give you phone numbers. If you are not a client, you will need to contact us or try with our live chat.

How can we help you?

We are ready to help with any product design and research challenges you might have. Contact us and we will be in touch to discuss a custom solution for you.


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