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CanCode.io have become Shopify Partners since we start our business.

Shopify is a complete eCommerce Platform that helps merchants setup their online stores and sell products on multiple channels. From marketing and payments to inventory management and shipping – the platform handles everything you need to manage and grow an online store

We can help you on Shopify store theme design and app development.

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What can we do for you

CanCode.io can design and develop the Shopify store that fully optimized for conversion.

Custom Store Theme Design

Below is the overview of what kinds of changes our shopify experts frequently make to Shopify theme

  • Header & menu changes
  • Custom templates (e.g. page/product)
  • Custom blog and article templates
  • Advanced contact forms & lead gen tools
  • App integrations
  • Additional content sections
  • Sections “everywhere” (not just on the homepage!)
  • Fonts & styling
  • Tiered pricing & wholesale discounts
  • Bug & browser fixes
  • Pixels & tracking integrations/issues
  • Checkout customisation (Shopify Plus)
  • Bespoke customer accounts
  • Geolocalisation
  • Front-end API’s & integrations

Shopify Store's SEO

Contrary to what many people think, Shopify SEO is not as simple as installing a few apps and charging your way to the top of Google in a week or two. It’s a lot more complex and labor intensive than that.

SEO is 1% art, 2% science and 97% hard work. You will get to the top of Google with:

  • Great content – and lots of it
  • Blazing fast code
  • Correct technical markup
  • Backlinks
  • An experienced team to implement all those things SEO is an ongoing marketing activity. You can’t just do it once and forget about it. It requires weekly or monthly work. Else there’s no point.

Shopify migration

Looking to migrate to Shopify from Magento, Opencart or any other platform? Worried about SEO? Don’t. We’ve migrated over 50 sites to Shopify including a listed multinational, multi-billion dollar company.

We can absolutely, 100%, without doubt, migrate your site to Shopify with no downtime (aside from perhaps upto half an hour with no SSL before checkout) and no loss in organic traffic. Replatforming is a big part of what we do.​

Custom Shopify Apps

Whatever you need in your custom Shopify app – we can deliver.

Custom apps aren’t cheap. And they need maintaining as the Shopify API’s do change regularly. But if you do need a custom Shopify app our developers can do it. We can code just about anything into a Shopify app.

Shopify apps we’ve built recently include:

  • Click & Drop integration with API
  • Multi currency
  • Dynamic batch order processing / warehouse ops with barcode scanning
  • Custom PIM integrations
  • Custom warehouse integrations
  • Various marketing and discount apps

to design, develop & scale on Shopify Store, we have a solution

  • 1

    🎨 Shopify Theme Tweaks & Changes

    If you already have a Shopify theme but would like some custom features coded in then we're the developers to get the job done

  • 2

    🖌️ Complete Shopify redesign or store facelift

    Not happy with your current Shopify Store design? Feel like the competition have something much better? Let our Shopify experts level up your store and set you apart from the competition

  • 3

    ⚡ Supercharge your Shopify store's SEO

    Wondering why your site doesn’t rank high in Google? There will be simple and clear reasons for this. We can help you out and what needs to be done to outrank the competition

  • 4

    🤝 Premium support. Every day of the week

    Using Shopify Plus? In need of an experienced team who know the Shopify Plus ecosystem inside out (and even helped shape it)? Whether you need design, development & marketing – you’re in the right place.

  • 4

    ⚒️ Shopify App development

    Can’t find what you need in the Shopify app store? Looking to get a custom app built? Looking for a white label app development? We can help get you exactly what you need.

    Custom apps aren’t cheap. And they need maintaining as the Shopify API’s do change regularly. But if you do need a custom Shopify app our developers can do it. We can code just about anything into a Shopify app.​

What`s [ inside ] Customize Shopify store and Apps Service?

  • Shopify theme custom & development
  • 🌈
  • Complete store UX/UI
  • 🛒
  • Shopify SEO & Content Marketing
  • ✍️
  • Shopify Plus support & services
  • ☎️
  • Monthly Shopify support retainers
  • 📆
  • Custom Shopify development
  • 🔧
  • Migration to Shopify support & planning
  • 🔄
  • Custom Shopify App development
  • 🧑‍💻💻
  • Javascript and more


Business Analyst

  • Project Kick Off & Tech Requirements;
  • Stakeholder Interviews;
  • Workshops;
  • Product Researches (Market, Competitors, Benchmark Etc);
  • User Flows;
  • Product Scoping & Functionality Prioritization

Project Manager

  • Setting and managing client expectations
  • Developing a detailed project plan
  • Defining the scope of the project
  • Assigning team members to specific tasks

Tech Lead

  • Setting goals and monitoring progress
  • Delegating work and assignments to team members
  • Completing user testing
  • Identify and fix technical problems
  • Conducting security audits


  • Produce clean, efficient code based on specifications
  • Integrate software components and third-party programs
  • Verify and deploy programs and systems
  • Troubleshoot, debug and upgrade existing software
  • Gather and evaluate user feedback Prioritization

UX/UI Designer

  • User Research;
  • User Interviews;
  • Usability Testings;
  • Expert UX Audit/Review;
  • Jobs-To-Be-Done;
  • Best Practices Research;
  • Workshops;
  • Wireframes

CanCode.io Design Team


eCommerce Brands we developed


Tech Project we developed


Designers & Developers in our team


Explore CanCode.io Shopify Store Development Plan

Our specialty is Shopify & Shopify Plus. If you ready to design, develop or scale on Shopify, we have the solution

Basic Plan


US $2K / using modified premium theme

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Enterprise Plan

Houly update

US $140 / per day for ad hoc work

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*Price is for reference only. Please contact us to learn more

Development Plan

Basic Retainer

US $1K / Per month

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What our Clients Say?


"Very good follow up, quick iterations, strong UX knowledge"

Tom Wojcicki  Managing Director 

Why work with CanCode.io

We are a team of Tech and UX Design experts who strive to design impactful digital products. We work with tech startups and enterprises in various industries, such as fintech, fashion, digital solutions, traveling, education and healthcare.

Apart from product design, we successfully build our own digital products. It gives us a unique view of industry trends and the latest design solutions.

If you are looking for the right Tech Development, let's get in touch and discuss your objectives.


We work online, remotely and not from a central office. We use online tools to make our magic happen. Communication will initially be via email or phone. Whilst working with us we may communicate using any number of channels e.g. phone, Hangouts, Slack, Trello or even Whatsapp. Whatever works for you. What doesn’t work for us is unscheduled calls all day, every day. We don’t employ sales people, just experts. And our time is always in demand. Calls are limited to scheduled calls unless you are on a retainer contract.

We prefer to have full access to your store + analytics so we can see the full picture. We will need full access to develop on your site as we use a private app which connects via the API.  If you need us to sign an NDA this is not a problem.

Suggest we do Zoom first. We’re spread all over Asia & Europe and so it usually doesn’t make much sense. If you need face to face meeting, you will help us book the flight ticket and hotel :)

Yes, absolutely. We can do literally anything with any Shopify store. Our Shopify Services page covers most of what we offer. The short answer is we can do anything. Please contact us for a quote.

We can, yes. We do offer white label/glove theme & app development and are happy to give an estimate.  Usually these projects are where a team are looking to integrate with Shopify but don’t necessarily have the skills to deliver in-house.  We can bridge that gap along with maintenance. For a quote please contact us.

We have a pricing page here which gives a basic overview of costs. All projects/websites are different and so we can only give an accurate estimate once we know exactly what you need.  We may also need to review your code as well as integrations in order to give an accurate quote. Please request a quote and someone will get back to you.

New clients: we accept payments via bank/wire transfer for invoices over US $1,000 and credit/debit card/PayPal for smaller payments. Existing clients: we accept all forms of payment including bank/wire transfer, Paypal and credit/debit cards.

We can bill in £/$/€

We make contracts for small and large projects. Contact us for more details.

Some clients need us regularly.  For these clients we offer a retainer contract with a fixed number of hours per month. This comes with a 12 month contract and a 3 month cancellation notice period. The hourly rate is reduced based on a sliding scale of number of hours.  More hours = a lower rate.

If you would like a quote for a retainer contract please contact us.

Contact us to learn more how to charge

New clients:  Established businesses with trading history are billed either once per month if working on an hourly basis or 50/50 if working on a fixed price project. High risk clients are required to pay 100% upfront for all work e.g companies with no trading history.  Invoices are sent with 14 day payment terms.

Existing clients: we bill once per month usually on or around the 5th of the month. Invoices are sent with 14 day payment terms.

Contact us to learn more how to charge

To get a quote please try our tech project calculator. Someone will get back to you within one working day.

If the scope is very clear we can give you a fixed price for completing the work.  If the scope is not so clear or may change considerably we will give a range estimate.

Please reply to the email quote we sent or follow instructions on the online proposal.

When you become a client we will onboard you to our billing and support app.  You will be granted access to the support channels you need and if you are on retainer we will also give you phone numbers. If you are not a client, you will need to contact us or try with our live chat. 

We are not a traditional business and do not ever advertise positions.  If you are passionate about Shopify and ecommerce we would love to hear about your skills and ambitions. 

A short email is enough: mink@cancode.io
Please don’t send a CV. We only review portfolios, code and past work/references.

How can we help you?

We are ready to help with any product design and research challenges you might have. Contact us and we will be in touch to discuss a custom solution for you.


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