Don't lose a lead, enhance your sales by Pre-Order

Get more sales and revenue by taking per-orders for coming soon items and items out of stock. Capture purchase intent, get more sales.

Pre-Orders to Validate

Capturing pre-orders upfront before investing in products can be invaluable to product validation.


Offering pre-orders allows brands to start taking orders and receiving money while the product development/shipment from the supplier is still pending.

Build Hype for a product

Pre-orders allow stores to list new designs and colour variants ahead of time without committing to products unless the offering sells well enough to prove itself.

Automate Pre-Order Button

Boost sale with Pre-Orders

The use of pre-orders can be significant for startups and established brands that are interested in testing, validating, and capturing demand for their next product release. 

Create and customize pre-order button 

Change add to cart buttons to pre-order button on product pages

Pre-order badge 

Add stylish badges to collection pages to promote pre-orders

Cart labels appear in the cart 

Highlight pre-order Item in the cart

Pre-order tags 

Pre-order tagging makes it easier for your to stay on top of your order management

Pre-order inventory 

Pre-order of a variant will automatically be enabled based on inventory 

Pre-order discount 

Offer discounts on pre-order item 

Put your Pre-Order’s on autopilot

The pre-order manager has a range of configurations, they can be setup to have specific start/end dates and even apply discounts on Pre-order products. From a single dashboard you can enable and disable pre-orders, and edit or add new ones.

Your settings, your choice

Customizable, make it the way you want

No coding is required; install, set up and configure the pre-order manager app with a couple of clicks, east as one, two, three! It’s easy!

Match your store theme by adjusting pre-order buttons, change the design and text as you wish, create your pre-order message and personalize your pre-order label on a cart as well as check-out page. Customization gives you flexibility and a way to stand out from the competition.

Pre-Order manager allows you to accept the orders within your pre-defined settings in Shopify Store” ‘Coming Soon”, “Out of stock” “, Sold Out”, ‘Pre-Order”, name it, you got it!

Create the Pre-Order button in your store

Highlight your pre-order products

The pre-order collection badge lets you make more sales from your existing customers by highlighting the Pre-Order Product. You can even use badges a tap into powerful psychological triggers such as scarcity, social proof and urgency to boost sales. 

Create the Pre-Order button in your store

Get creative with your Pre-Order discounts

Offering a limited-time discount that's only available for pre-orders can be a great way to add urgency to purchase.

Achieve your sustainability goals whilst creating an incentive to purchase through pre-orders.

Per-order helps merchants only produce what customers buy, which reduce waste.

Create the Pre-Order button in your store

Show individual products as "Coming Soon" instead of sold out

You may want to upload a product that is not for sale, isn’t available to be ordered from your shop, or simply not in stock yet, but you want to get your customers excited about it. And later you can ready, you can set decide when the pre-order starts and when it ends 

Create the Pre-Order button in your store

Nudge visitors with a special offer

Want a customer to “Pay later” for your pre-order product, or create a waiting list on your pre-order product? You can create a campaign called “Email me when available”. Or, instead of asking new visitors to buy this early into the buyer’s journey, you should ask them for a smaller commitment – like giving them their email address in exchange for a discount code.

Create the Pre-Order button in your store

Track sales & revenue

With our data analytics, you can predict consumer demand, adjust your purchasing plan, and retarget you a customer for marketing. Easy to export data into a CSV file

Create the Pre-Order button in your store


Easy Installation

The app works out of the box. You don’t need to customize your theme with any code. Remember to turn on the theme extension app embled on your theme template.

Fully customizable, adjust the pre-order design to suit your store
  • Add a custom design or use the default “Add to cart” button style
  • Customize message text, style and position
  • Customize pre-order label text on cart and checkout page
  • Customize pre-order collection badge on collection page
Default and individual settings

Setup default settings for most products Use individual settings for certain variants, products, collections, etc.

Edit pre-order settings in bulk

The dashboard allows you to search and filter products by collection, vendor, product type, pre-order status or discount. It means you can enable or disable, or set up individual settings to filter products or search results in bulk

Pre-order analytics

Analyze pre-order sales right in the app—export data to a CSV file.

Fully configurable pre-orders
  • Setup the max-quantity available for pre-order
  • Set up automatic Pre-Order start and end date
  • Automatically tag pre-order products
Fast A-class live support

Works for both discount code and auto discount on all pre-ordered products

You can create as many as you like!

The Pre-Order button design and text is completely customizable so that it can best fit your store.

You can access support via the chat support widget in the app, knowledge base to submit a ticket or our website contact form, or email to

Our apps can be installed in a few clicks straight from the Shopify App Store. No Dev input required. What’s more, uninstalling the app us just as easy of you ever want to quit

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