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Shop Pre Order Manager

Don’t miss a sale by making pre-order an option to customers

Price: $4.99/month. 14-day free trial.

App highlights
  • Seamless workflow: use directly in Shopify admin
  • Up-to-date tech: works with the latest themes

About the app

Shop Pre Order Manager
Launch date

January 5, 2022

Pre-order manager is a smart app that allows you to pre-sell products:

  • out of stock
  • coming out soon / releasing soon

Easy installation

No coding is required. Just install, set u and configure the pre-order app with a couple of clicks – Easy as one, two, or three! It’s that easy!

Pre-order manager allows you to accept orders within your pre-defined settings: “coming soon”, “out of stock”, “sold out”, “pre-order” – Just name it and sell it! It’s very easy to use.

Don’t lose a lead, enhance your sales by featuring a pre-order button

Let your customer continue to pre-order while you are out-of-stock, and sold out – nothing is worse than missing a customer order! Set up a pre-order button for your upcoming products – the best way to gauge the demand. Preselling provides you with great information on market demand as well as the price customer is willing to pay.

Customizable, make it the way you want

  • Match your own theme by adjusting your pre-order buttons
  • Change the design and text as you wish
  • Create your own pre-order message
  • Personalize your pre-order label on the cart as well as the check-out page

Customization gives you flexibility and a way to stand out from the competition.

Relax and focus on other things, we got you covered!

  • Stop losing sales whenever your product runs out of stock and set u a pre-order button to continue to sell.
  • Change automatically to pre-order status when products go out of stock.
  • Promote your presale and get the word out about your product, whether it’s through email marketing, social media marketing, or word of mouth.

Incentivize your customers by rewarding them

  • To encourage your customer to pre-order upcoming products, you can reward them by auto-applying a discount on all pre-ordered products.
  • Function available for selected products only or on the whole store.

You are your own limit

  • Define the quantity available for pre-order
  • Decide when the pre-order starts and when it ends
  • Allow specific regions for pre-order only by geo-localization

Your settings, your choice

  • Decide how you want to parameter your settings for your products, individually or collectively, by default or automatically.
  • It’s your call, your choice, we are just here to help!

Data Analytics

  • Get the best from your pre-order data.
  • From top products pre-ordered, you can predict consumer demand and adjust your purchasing plan as well as retarget your customer for marketing.
  • Easy to export into a CSV file

Additional features with Shop Pre Order Manager App

  • Dashboard showing the top products pre-ordered by status (upcoming, out-of-stock, sold out)
  • Pre-orders tagging

Setting up pre-order manager can be a great thing for your business, it can save your organization precious time and money by