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  • E-commerce Conversion checklist you can look at over
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Decrease your customer acquisition costs

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A powerful checklist that shows you how to find out why your store isn't converting the way it should be and provides recommendations on how to fix it so you can increase revenue. Plus, get a list of 7 Shopify apps that increase revenue.

Increase your average order value

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Access the checklist and simply follow the steps to see where you store needs the most help. Follow the simple step-by-step recommendations and start to see the improvements immediately.

Skyrocket your conversion rates

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On average, our customers see a 22% lift in conversion rates after following our simple steps and implementing our recommended fixes. Not to mention increased revenue.


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There is where Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) comes into play

Every dollar that you invest in CRO today will make you $100 over the next 12 months... and then another $100 the year after that… and then another $100 the year after that. With a high-converting store you're going to see a sharp and immediate drop in customer acquisition costs, coupled with a significant increase of your average order value. Now, both of these effects combined will make your ad campaigns truly work for you.

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Your eCommerce store checklist

Why An Ecommerce Checklist Is So Important

Most of us already use checklists for things like shopping, disaster preparation, and so on. They help us ensure that no steps in a process are skipped or neglected. Similarly, an ecommerce checklist can help you ensure the launch of your online store goes as smoothly as possible. Many aspiring ecommerce entrepreneurs feel overwhelmed by all the steps they have to take early on.

What theme should I pick? Where do I place images? Should I have a cart icon on every page or just the product page? What design elements and apps should I use to supercharge my store? What’s a payment gateway and how do I set it up?

With an ecommerce checklist, you can overcome this feeling of overwhelm and knock your store out of the park. So, to help set you up for success, we’re sharing the exact checklist that many of the successful entrepreneurs we’ve featured followed when launching their Shopify store.

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Create Your Standard Pages

Before you jump into creating product pages and checkouts using a website builder, make sure you have a:

Home page: This is the most important page on your website. Your homepage helps establish the overall look and feel of your store and ensures customers have clear navigation to browse other pages. Links to your category pages and product pages go on your homepage.

About page: Here, your customers learn about the purpose of your business, how your company began and what your brand values are. Tell your customers your brand story and what your organization stands for. Here are some About Us page templates to inspire you.

Contact page: The contact page lists how customers can get in touch with you. You might list a physical address with a map showing your location, a phone number, email, and even a contact form.

FAQ page: If many people ask the same questions about your products or services, save them some time by answering these queries on an FAQ page. You can cover topics like how long shipping takes or what your returns policy includes. For inspiration on what type of questions to include on your FAQ page, check out Shopify store Allbirds’ FAQ section.

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Optimize Your Checkout Process

Your checkout experience can make or break your chances of a sale. 

With online shopping cart abandonment rates nearing highs, it’s wise to minimize friction and resolve any errors at checkout. When going through your checkout process, make sure:

  • Shoppers can easily edit the contents of their cart
  • Shipping rates appear during checkout
  • It’s easy to apply discount codes
  • Various payment methods are available, including PayPal
  • Customers can easily enter shipping details
  • The contact page is easy to access in case a problem arises
  • You send an email to confirm each purchase
  • Language and currency switching is possible
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We dug into years of our experience and put all our insights into one checklist. That’s how this in-depth, 300-point optimization checklist came about. By the end of it, you’ll have a thorough understanding of all the on-site elements you need to optimize and how to do it.

We’ve designed this guide to be used in three ways. There’s a lot of content, so it’s advisable not to try and digest it all at once. Whatever your needs, an incremental approach will likely work best. You can use this guide in the following ways: How to use this guide As a tool for comprehensively evaluating your online store or new site design. As a source of optimization ideas if your current strategy is stalling. As an aid for brainstorming solutions to specific problems, like cart abandonment for a particular product or category. If you’ve already identified a problem, just jump to the appropriate checklist and go from there. It’s structured in a top-down way, beginning with a general checklist that’s applicable to all areas of your site before moving onto checklists for specific types of pages. Where appropriate, we’ve also elaborated on checklist points. We’ve included more information in the “general” section because these changes tend to lead to the biggest conversions.

What to fix, audit and improve when it comes to your eCommerce website.

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Small Business Owners
  • Brand Owners
  • Personal Brands
  • And any brand that needs to promote their business

Yes. While the ecommerce conversion and app audit template is primarily based for Shopify stores, a majority of the recommended strategies can be used for any ecommerce platform. However, some of the recommended apps are built for Shopify-only.

Conducting the audit itself will only take 10-15 minutes. The time it will take to implement the recommendations will depend on what you decide to fix. Some fixes will only take a few minutes. Others may take 30-minutes to an hour depending on your unique situation.

No, each store will typically only need to make a handful of changes to see improvements in their business.

If you don't feel that you received value and that the checklist resulted in no improvements to your business, send us a message and we’ll refund you in full, immediately. No questions asked.

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