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Writing great product pages is the best way to get people to buy your product

The goal of any product page is to get people to buy. People who buy from you are more likely to get to the end of your sales funnel if your copy is powerful.

To help our clients with eCommerce, we know a thing or two about writing copy that sells. There are a lot of things you need to know about how to write good product descriptions in this chapter.

You want to reach to the people, write

Highlight the benefits of your product.


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Source: Love

A lot of brands focus on the features of their products but don't explain how those features will help the customer. Adding that extra layer of messaging can go a long way to getting people to buy from your store.

In order to make people feel at ease, use the same kind of voice every time

When a new customer comes into your store for the first time, it's like they've never been before. As they move from one page to another, the voice should be the same and friendly.

The same "voice" doesn't work for all brands. One is edgy, one is funny, and one is sad. It doesn't matter how you connect with customers, though. You always need to do it in a friendly way and speak in a natural voice no matter how you do it.

His voice is cute and quirky, but it's simple to understand. A real person saying these things would help you understand them. The language is very easy to understand. All of their channels have the same tone of voice: method knows how to connect with customers and speak the same way on each one.

Every customer who comes into your store is different. As you speak to each person, use a voice they can understand.

An emotional bond must be built between two people before they can work together

If you can connect with a customer on an emotional level, you'll be able to close sales with them. In order to do this, you can either tell happy stories about how your products came to be or give your customers ways to deal with bad ones.

For their questionable health claims and pricey products, Goop gets a lot of eye rolls. But their product descriptions are really good.

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Source: KETO


There are words that sell

The words "you" and "your" have already been talked about, but there are a few more words that have been shown to make people more interested and more likely to make a purchase.

Words that have a sense of touch

Our senses of taste, touch, smell, sight, and hearing are piqued by words that describe things that happen to us. They are very important when people buy things online because they can't touch or try them out.

Look at all of the words that describe how things feel.

• Sweet
• Savory
• Spicy
• Light
• Airy
• Rich
• Delectable

Is chocolate something you like or not? If you read this, you'll find out! Sensory words and food companies go together like peanut butter and jelly. But a lot of other things can benefit from them, too! It's possible to buy velvety fabrics, fluffy pillows, and candles that smell like Christmas at the store. It does not matter what words you use as long as they make the customer feel good.

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Source: Rocky Mountain Soap Co.


Those words that can make someone do something

David Ogilvy, a well-known advertising expert, made a list of the English language's top 20 most powerful words. They had these:

• Suddenly
• Now
• Announcing
• Introducing
• Improvement
• Amazing
• Sensational
• Remarkable
• Revolutionary
• Startling
• Miracle
• Magic
• Offer
• Quick
• Easy
• Wanted
• Challenge
• Compare
• Bargain
• Hurry

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Use any of these words to make people feel like they want to know more or that they don't want to miss out on something. As an alternative to trying to use all of these exact words in your text, think about the emotional response you want to elicit instead. It could be better to say "remarkable" instead of "magic," but "magic" isn't a bad choice.


As long as you use the right words, you can make your product pages into powerful sales tools. If you pay attention to who you're talking to, how you're talking to them, and what you want them to feel, you can come up with a good copywriting strategy.


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