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5 Ways Shopify Stores Can Encouraged People to Give Gifts

The end of the year is getting closer, which can only mean one thing: the holidays are almost here! Time to give gifts!   Ecommerce companies are working hard to prepare for the busiest and most important sales season. But because COVID-19 is still a threat, this year's high sales season will be different than most.   During the holiday season of 2020, stores are likely to stay closed or have limited hours, which will increase online sales.   As more and more people use eCommerce to do their holiday shopping, it's important for online shops to know about the demand for online gifts and get ready for it.   With gift wrapping options and messages, the Posh Wrap: Gift Option Manager App can help customers turn any purchase into a gift purchase. But some sites go above and beyond with features like shared wishlists and gifting hubs to make it easier for people to buy gifts for other people.   Here are five ways that the Posh Wrap: Gift Option Manager App can meet the needs of online gift buyers.  

1. Make Everything a Gift with a gift message

  Adding a gift message option to your shopping cart or checkout process is a simple way to get more people to buy gifts during the holiday season.   By adding a gift message, almost any product can be given as a gift.   give gifts   The field starts out empty, so customers can change their message in any way they want.   Posh Wrap: Gift Option Manager App include a gift message for the person you might be sending it to.     It's a simple but effective way to let every customer turn their purchase into a gift.  

2. Use a gift box or gift wrapping to sell more

  In addition to a gift message, you could charge a small extra fee for gift-wrapping or a gift box.   Gift wrapping is great if you want to send a gift straight to the recipient from your eCommerce store, but you still want it to have that special touch that comes with being wrapped.   If you want to send clothes or accessories directly to a friend or family member, you can have them gift-wrapped.     Gift boxes, on the other hand, make it easy for your customer to give a gift in person without having to find another way to wrap it.   Jewelry is often given as a gift, but it usually needs a gift box to keep it safe and look nice.   Posh Wrap: Gift Option Manager App, not only lets customers leave a gift message, but also offers different gift boxes right in the shopping cart.     The box has the business's name on it, which helps bring in even more new customers. Even people who get gifts from other people know where the gift is from.  

3. Tell us more about the gifts you can give

  Wrapping gifts is an important part of giving them. The way a gift is wrapped shows the recipient that the person who gave it to them put time, effort and money into it.   Some people worry about online gift wrapping, though, because they might not be able to get the quality they want if they don't do it themselves.   Give your customers peace of mind by explaining how they can wrap gifts.   Posh Wrap: Gift Option Manager App, shows how to choose gift wrapping at checkout and says that each gift note is written by hand before it is sent to a customer.   This tells your customers what to expect if they choose the gift-wrapping option and shows how easy it is to buy gifts online.  

4. Encourage others to give gifts

  During the holidays, people often look at websites to find ideas for gifts they can send to their friends and family.   It's easy to send a link to a certain product. But as a brand, you lose information about what people would rather get as gifts than buy for themselves and what products are popular during the gifting season.   Add a wish list to your site and make it easy to send gift suggestions to your brand.   This is a simple and effective way to get people to buy more things during the holidays. You'll also learn who wants what kinds of products as gifts, which lets you send more targeted emails to that customer over the course of their relationship with your brand.  

5. Meet all of their gift-giving needs.

  Don't just sit around and wait for someone to come in who is already looking for gifts. With a gifting hub or landing page, you can show everyone who visits your site that your products are easy to give as gifts.   Offer pre-defined, sorted categories like "gifts for her/him," "gifts under $10/$50/$100," or "gift sets" to predict how they will browse.   Posh Wrap: Gift Option Manager App has many menus and filtering options that make it easy for visitors to find the gifts they want.   Posh Wrap: Gift Option Manager App helps an online store for people who want to buy products as a gift.   A page like this helps visitors narrow down their choices and gives you as a brand more information about how and why people buy your products as gifts.  

Don’t Overlook Online Gifting

  Customers may choose your brand over another if you offer easy gift options. People who want to send an online gift directly to a loved one don't have to take an extra step if they can add a gift message or wrap the gift.   Online gifting is an important part of an eCommerce business that isn't often talked about. Most brands that sell directly to consumers don't focus on the customer experience for people who buy gifts online because they aren't their target audience.   But you should make it easy for people to give gifts from your site.   When past customers or site visitors want to tell other people about your brand, that's a big sign that they like it. It also puts your business in front of more people who might want to buy from you.   No matter which option you choose, or if you choose all of them, you should be able to help customers who want to send your products as gifts.  

Posh Wrap: Gift Option Manager App

  The App gives you the opportunity to add unique gift options to your customers to earn additional clicks and revenue.   Enrich your customers’ experience by offering them a variety of options, from gift wrapping, and gift messages to gift receipts!     An easy-to-use add-on that offers flexibility and convenience to your customers with services at their fingertips.     This is more than just a gift, it is a way to elevate your brand and boost your sales.   It is also an incredible way to build customer loyalty by offering them a high-quality gifting experience and making them come back for their next gift occasion.

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