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6 Ways to Use Promo Codes in Your E-commerce Marketing Strategy

Promo Codes   People love getting a good deal. And if you're in e-commerce, giving the right customer a great deal could be what makes you stand out from the rest.   Or, it could be the thing that makes a customer go from being a possible buyer to a real one.   There are right and wrong ways to use promotional codes, which is the problem. Not only this but there are many other right and wrong ways to do things. If you're not sure what to do, come with us as we look at 6 of the best ways to use promo codes in your e-commerce marketing strategy.  

What are the Benefits of Promo Codes?

  Promo codes work for a simple reason: they give customers a reason to buy, making it look like they can't say no.   But as a business owner, you also stand to gain from this. When a customer buys something, you make more money.   You will lose money at first because you are selling your products for less, but you need to look at the bigger picture. By giving out promo codes, you spread goodwill and encourage customers to stick with you for a long time. You could give them to new customers and people who had already bought from you.  


  Lead magnets are very powerful. A lead magnet is usually a free gift, like an eBook, that is given in exchange for a lead's email address. A lead will give you their email address and maybe some other personal information, and you'll give them their free gift.   Why not offer promo codes in exchange for an email address from now on?   To get the most out of this strategy, make sure you collect as much basic information as you need to make a great email marketing campaign. For example, you could just get their email address, but you might also want to get information like what they like and how they shop. By asking the right target questions, you can then use email targeting to tailor your content so that your open rates and, as a result, your conversion rates go up.   Source: Tone It Up   All of this is very important because email marketing is still a great way to build relationships with your customers and, in the end, grow your online store.  


  Research has shown that it's much cheaper to keep customers you already have than to keep getting new ones. However, keeping customers doesn't always mean it's easier. You need to do certain things to get people to come back again and again.   Promo codes are a great way to thank loyal customers because they make people happy. If you can show your regular customers that you appreciate them and are doing something about it, they will feel pretty good about you.   Basically, you're letting people know that you appreciate their business.     It's a good idea to reward customers who stick with you by giving them promo codes that let them get free shipping. High or unexpected shipping costs have been shown to be one of the main reasons customers abandon their carts, so make their day by giving them free shipping on the things they really want to buy.  


  What do you do when Christmas is just around the corner? You'll lose if you don't get creative with your coupon codes.   Think about it this way: Your customers want to buy something, so they will. Could you get them to buy your products by giving them a deal that seems too good to be true?   You should take advantage of the holidays in any way you can because you can be sure that your competitors will.   Source: The Cheesecake Factory   Promo codes are a great way to get your customers' attention and are a great way to celebrate national days, events, and even big sports days. For instance, if you own a store that sells perfume, using promo codes on Valentine's Day will make your customers happy.   And of course, if you want to give your customers a personalized experience, don't forget about the birthday discount code. Make sure you get their contact information ahead of time and don't miss a chance to surprise them on their special day.   Spend some time thinking about the holidays and events that are important to your brand during different times of the year, and then make promo codes. Make sure to run a creative advertising campaign that gets people's attention as well.   All of this said you might be most confused about when to start running your campaigns. Since the NRF has found that 40% of people who give gifts for the holidays finish their shopping before Halloween, you might be tempted to start your marketing campaigns super early. But you need to think about the products you sell.   For example, if the buyer usually has to make a lot of choices before buying your products, you'll want to start your campaigns early. On the other hand, if most of your items are cheap and on a budget, you can start later.   A good rule of thumb is to offer coupon codes for expensive items as soon as possible and save your promo campaigns for cheaper items until Black Friday.  


  Social media marketing is really important to the success of your online store, and here's an idea: why not combine it with your coupon codes?   With the growing number of social commerce platforms where people can buy your products with just one click, you'd lose a lot of money if you didn't use them.   It's easy. For example, you could give a coupon code to anyone who follows, promotes, or shares your social media pages. Seems simple, right?   Source: Achy Smile Shop   The customer only needs to do one thing: promote your pages. They will get a discount if they do that. It works out well for everyone.   The coupon code you give them should be easy to understand, like a flat-rate discount on their next purchase or a discount based on a percentage.  


  Unbelievable, but 67.91% of customers will leave their carts. That seems like a lot, and it's true that you'll lose out on a lot of sales that were so close to being done.   The good news is that people who leave their shopping carts can be brought back into the game. Promo codes are one of the best ways to do this.     Remember that people always have a reason for leaving their carts. It could be because the shipping costs were too high or a surprise, or it could be that the total cost wasn't quite what they expected! No matter what the reason is, you should look at your sales funnel to see where people are dropping out of the customer journey. Use email and surveys to get customer feedback and find out more about why people abandon their carts.   Then, make discount codes for carts that were abandoned that will bring people back. You could, for instance, offer shipping for $1 or for free.   Using Facebook ads would be one way to make it happen. Use the information Facebook collects to retarget the right people and use Facebook insights to get the most out of your ads. Include the promo code as a hook to get these leads to come back and convert. Your copy just needs to say something simple like, "Finish checking out and get free shipping on your next order."  


  This one is a little like the one above in that you're going after people who have shown interest in what you have to offer but are on their way somewhere else.   With an exit-intent offer, the idea is to give a visitor one last chance to buy something by giving them a discount.   Let's say a user has been browsing your site for a few minutes but hasn't bought anything or even added anything to their cart. They're interested, but they still need a little push to seal the deal.   So, use an exit-intent popup that gives them a discount right before they leave your website.   Source: Zutano   With an exit-intent promo code, you can send them an abandoned cart offer even if they still don't buy after putting items in their cart. To do this, you need their email address, so make exit-intent offers for promo codes and make sure to ask for the user's email address first.  


  Here are six smart ways that the best e-commerce companies use promo codes as part of their marketing plans. But it's also important not to send too many offers because customers can get used to them and wait for them. Use them carefully and sparingly, and make sure they really build customer loyalty.

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