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Things to Think About If You Desire to Wrap Gifts in Your Online Store

Large stores have been offering to wrap gifts for years, so it's not a new idea for eCommerce stores to do the same. Both customers and merchants can get a lot out of it. It's easy for customers, and it helps businesses make a lot more money.   How do you feel when someone takes care of things for you when you're in a hurry? Of course, you're happy and will always be grateful. As an E-Commerce merchant, you can make your customers feel the same way by offering gift wrapping in your store, preferably for free. It saves customers the trouble of having to buy wrapping paper, cards, and the cost of packaging.   This feature is very helpful when customers want to send gift cards to their family, friends, and coworkers for events like birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, holidays, etc. Posh Wrap: Gift Option Manager App is the perfect App for your online store, it has all the features that you are looking for.  

When should you offer to wrap gifts?

  wrap gifts gift wrapping   Putting a bow on a gift is a great way to keep customers coming back. Of course, you can't offer free gift wrapping on every single item. There are some things that are harder to wrap than other things. These things take the most time and money to wrap. For example, it's easy to wrap a book but hard to wrap a bike. Come up with a plan that works for you and gives customers something they want or need.   Posh Wrap: Gift Option Manager App can help you with this plan. You can give it away for free to customers who spend a certain amount or to those who spend the most. You can also use it to incentivize the ones who spend less to buy more. Another idea is to only offer it for free on small, simple items. You are also free to set a fixed price for the service.  

Things to think about if you offer gift wrapping

  Wrap Gifts   To get the most out of gift wrapping, it's important to do it right. Make it as easy and clear as possible for the customer. Here's a list of things to think about if you want to offer gift wrapping in your online store.  

• Display Clear Pictures

One reason people might not wrap gifts is that they don't know what the gift will look like. You can get rid of this by showing high-quality pictures of different ways to wrap gifts. Customers should have a very clear idea of the gift that will be sent to them.   cancode.io gift option app ecommerce tips User experience UX  

• Provide Reviews

Reviews help customers trust a business more. A study from 2017 found that 95% of buyers read online reviews before buying something. This is a very large number. When reviews are good, sales go up by a huge amount. It's a good idea to give reviews for your wrapping option, just like you would for a normal product.   Negative Underwear Source: Negative  

• Customers should have no questions

Describe each way to wrap a gift in detail. Include what each option includes and how you will wrap products of different sizes. Try to clear up any confusion for the customer.  

• Provide Multiple Design Options

Don't give customers only one choice. Give at least three options, each with a different price and design. Changes based on gender, season, and event will help even more. This will give customers more options to choose from based on what they like. Posh Wrap: Gift Option Manager App, has a number of different designs for gift wrap.    

• Provide Gift Card

It's a good idea to offer gift cards as a separate option. It will make the gift recipient even happier, like when you get a handwritten card.    

• Message-Sending Option for Gift

Posh Wrap: Gift Option Manager App includes 'From' and 'To' form fields so that customers can write a message to the recipient. So, the person who gets the gift will know who sent it. The gift message makes a good impression on the person who gets it.   cancode.io gift option app ecommerce tips User experience UX  

• Don't make your customers mad

Customers are most annoyed when they are shown one design and product and then get another. This could also be why people are afraid to use gift wrapping services. Make sure you deliver exactly what the customer chose for wrapping and that the wrapping is in good shape. This means you give good service and live up to the saying "what you see is what you get."  

• Give the option to "Remove Price Tag"

Some people might want to hide the price tag from the person who is getting the gift. Posh Wrap: Gift Option Manager App offer this feature with or without gift wrapping.  


Adding gift wrapping as an extra service will help you get to know your loyal customers better. It makes customers more likely to come back and improves the shopping experience as a whole. But you can only get the real benefits of it if you use it the right way. Think carefully about when to offer gift wrapping, which items to wrap, if and how much to charge for it, and how to carry it out. Posh Wrap: Gift Option Manager App can help your online store when offering a gift wrapping service.

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