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The Six Best Ways to Make Money on Facebook

Even though Facebook isn't as popular as it used to be, it still has a huge number of monthly active users: more than 2.9 billion, compared to 1.3 billion on Instagram, 1 billion on TikTok, and 396 million on Twitter. Users have tried everything in the past to make money on Facebook, from affiliate marketing to running ads through Messenger to selling things on Facebook Marketplace. But it's not always easy to make money on Facebook: The average reach of an organic post is around 5% of a page's fans, which is down from 7% in 2018, and those who pay to play through ads and sponsored content are seeing their reach shrink over time. What's good? Facebook is adding new and interesting ways to make money, most of which are geared toward entrepreneurs and creators with a large following on Facebook. Here are six ways you can make money from your Facebook audience in 2022, along with the rules you'll need to follow to do so. You can use these ways to make extra money on the side or to find more customers for your business.  

Before you begin, check your Facebook Monetization Eligibility

There are a few ways to make money from the things you post on Facebook, but first, you have to be eligible to do so. This means that your Facebook page and the content you post on it must meet the platform's eligibility requirements, which are split into three groups:
  • Facebook Community Standards: These are the basic rules for the platform, like no graphic or dangerous content.
  • Partner Monetization Policies: These rules cover your Facebook page as a whole, as well as the content you make, how you share it, and how you receive and send online payments.
  • Content Monetization Policies:¬†These are rules about the type of content you can post. For example, you can't post anything violent or rude.
Go to the Facebook section of your Creator Studio and click on the Monetization tab to see if you are eligible. Choose which pages you want to see if you can make money from. You will also be shown other information about how the page can make money.   Facebook   Once you are able to make money from your Facebook content, you need to keep being able to do so if you want to keep making money. Review the platform's Community Standards on a regular basis, keep your domain clean and full of good content, and make sure you have the right to post it. If for some reason your page is no longer eligible, Facebook will let you know in the Monetization tab of your Creator Studio, along with the reason you are no longer eligible.  

There are 6 Ways to Earn Money on Facebook

1. Make videos with ads in the middle of them

In-stream ads are great for creators and brands with a large audience because they get the attention of a captive audience. When a user is in the middle of watching a Facebook video, they are more likely to watch the whole ad if it means they can keep watching the original content. However, they are more likely to skip an ad that is standing alone in their feed. In-stream ads in action: LIFEWTR, a brand of bottled water, wanted to spread the word about its product and make people feel good and creative about it. So, it used short ads that played in the middle of videos in the feed and other places like Facebook Watch to tell powerful visual stories about the art projects in the community. The campaign made people twice as aware of the brand and 1.9 times more likely to remember the ads.     Why it worked: LIFEWTR used ads that played in the middle of a video to tell a story and keep the attention of an already interested audience. Get started: Think about what you want your videos to do and what stories about your brand you can tell. If you want to advertise in the middle of a video, try making your videos with one- to two-second pauses where an ad could fit. To run in-stream ads, videos must be longer than one minute and influencers must have at least 10,000-page followers. These tips are for brands that want to pay to put ads in the middle of a video.  

2. Add a paid subscription option to your page

Through fan subscriptions, which encourage your most loyal followers to pay a set amount every month to fund your page, you can make a steady monthly income. This is a great way for brands and creators with a large, active audience to make money from their page and give their fans discounts and exclusive content. Users can buy a pack of "stars" to send tips to their favorite creators and help them make more money. In action, fan subscriptions: The Vegan Baker has made a Facebook group just for people who like the brand. Fans pay $4.99 a month to get access to special content and deals. They can also send more tips for a piece of content they really like by using the stars feature on Facebook.     Why it worked: The Vegan Baker can make money off of its active audience and give users special content as a reward. The stars feature lets the brand see which kinds of content get the most engagement from a small group of its followers. Get started: Fans can only get subscriptions right now if they are invited to do so. When a user has 10,000 followers or more than 250 return viewers, 50,000 post engagements, or 180,000 watch minutes, they can offer fan subscriptions. Once you get your invitation, you can decide what benefits you want subscribers to get, make a promotional video to launch your subscription service and record a thank you video to welcome new subscribers.  

3. Work with different brands

Make content with a relevant, complementary partner to expand your audience and add variety to the content you make. Many brands want to work with influencers, creators, and other companies to reach new audiences and raise brand awareness. This can be a great way to increase your number of followers and get people to interact with you. How brand collaboration works: StyleNow Feed teamed up with Jasper's Boutique to bring new content to fans of both brands. The paid partnership allowed the two companies to work together on content that met the needs of both of their audiences. Users could click on each piece of content to learn more about each brand.     Why it worked: The two brands were a good fit for each other, and their audiences were similar but not the same. This meant that they could reach new followers by reaching out to people who already liked the partner brand. Get started: You have to ask for access before you can start tagging business partners in posts. Once you've done that, you can use the Brand Collabs Manager to find ways to work together and get insights. This way of making money works best for Pages that have a large number of loyal fans and post content that most brands won't think is too risky.

4. Get paid right from your fans

Facebook just said that it will put more focus on organic video content made just for the platform. This is to stop people from just sharing TikTok posts. Creators and influencers will be able to earn up to $4,000 a month by completing a series of "challenges," like getting a certain number of views on a Facebook Reel. Results of organic content rewards: Paula Garcia has a lot of fans, and by making Reels just for Facebook, she can make money off of how many people watch, like, and comment on her videos. Paula combines a few of the ideas here to make her Facebook strategy for making money even stronger. For example, she gets sponsors for her Reels and posts them naturally on Facebook.     Why it worked: Paula Garcia already has a big fan base, so it was a no-brainer for her to take advantage of Facebook's new challenges program, which lets her get paid based on how many people watch her videos. Get started: At the moment, you can only use the challenges feature if you've been invited to do so. It seems that Facebook is aiming this feature at people with a lot of followers, in the hundreds of thousands or millions. If the first challenge isn't done within 30 days after the invite is accepted, the feature will end.  

5. Host paid events online

Engage your followers with a live event they can watch from their own homes. With Facebook's paid events feature, you can schedule, set up, and run events through your page. This is great for creators and businesses who want to move in-person events online. How paid events work: Through its Facebook Business page, Jasper's Market hosts and tells people about a number of events. Fans can see a list of events and buy tickets right from the page for brand. Seeing how many people are interested or going makes the event more exciting, and regular reminders make sure people don't miss a thing.     Why it worked: Hosting online events helps Jasper's Market reach new people who are interested in different kinds of events. It also gets followers involved, even if they aren't all in the same place. Get started: Turn on paid online events on your page and click the Events tab to make a new one. Choose "paid" and fill in the information about your event, the price, and a co-host, if you have one, that is required. Before you can start making paid events on Facebook, your account and page must meet Facebook's requirements for making money.  

6. Encourage people to visit your online store

Using the social commerce features of Shopify, you can send people from your Facebook page to your store. This is a great way for brands that already have a small business on Facebook to catch people in the middle of their scroll with ads that can be shopped and strong calls to action (CTAs). You can turn shoppable posts that do well into paid ads to get more traffic and reach a new target audience. How shoppable posts work: QUEENSHOP, a clothing brand, wanted to sell more to fans who had already been interested in its content. It used Facebook's Live Shopping feature to reach people who were online at the time and send them to the brand's website through a product CTA in the bottom right corner of the screen. Because of the Live videos, the return on ad spend was 1.7 times higher and the number of adds to carts went up by 3.3%.     Why it worked: QUEENSHOP was able to catch the attention of fans who were already online and ready to buy. It cut down on the number of steps shoppers had to take to buy something by taking them straight to the right product page so they could buy it right away. Get started: Use the Catalog Manager to add your product catalog to your Facebook page, and when you post an image or video, you can link to products that go with it. During a livestream, you can link to a product by clicking "Feature" next to the product or link you want to show.  


Use Facebook's huge audience as a sales tool if you want to start an e-commerce business, sell services, or make digital or physical products. With the platform's new set of features made just for entrepreneurs and brands, it's easier than ever to connect with new and existing audiences. But don't get stuck on just one platform or feature. Spread out what you have to offer so that if one platform goes away, you still have other ways to get traffic and make money. This is especially important now when the organic reach of huge social media sites like Facebook is dropping every day and people are becoming more skeptical of paid advertising campaigns.    

Frequently Asked Questions: How to make money on Facebook?

Can you use Facebook to make money?

Yes, it is possible to earn money on Facebook. Several new features have been added to the platform that makes it easier for creators, influencers, and brands with Facebook pages to make money from their pages and content. This includes running ads in the middle of videos, working with other companies and influencers, making a subscription service, running paid online events, and using the social commerce features to send people straight to your eCommerce store.

How much does Facebook pay for views?

With Facebook's new challenges feature, content creators and influencers can get paid based on how many times their organic Reels are watched. This is to stop Facebook users from just reposting the same content from other sites like TikTok and Instagram. Creators can take part in a series of challenges that come one after the other and get paid for it. For example, you might get $20 when five Reels each get 100 plays, and then $100 when each of the remaining 20 Reels gets 500 plays.

How many Facebook followers do you need to make money?

The easier it is to make money, the more people you have following you. Most of Facebook's new ways to make money, like in-stream ads and subscription services for fans, are only available to pages that have more than 10,000 followers. This doesn't mean that you can't make money on Facebook if you don't have that many followers, though. Other options, like social commerce features, driving traffic to your store, and partnering with other brands and influencers, don't have a lower limit on the number of followers you need.

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