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The Complete Guide to Selling Home Decor Online

Home isn't just where we sleep or relax anymore. It has become a temporary replacement for our gyms, cafes, offices, theaters, and schools. During the pandemic, our idea of what a home is has changed, but people have gotten used to it.  Home Advisor says that in 2020, Americans spent almost 10% more on home improvement projects. The average person cares more than ever about how their living spaces look.  It makes sense that the global market for home decor, which was worth $616,6 billion in 2019, is expected to reach $838,6 billion by 2027.   Home Decor Sell Online   Brands need to reach people if they want to take advantage of this growing market. But is selling online the best idea for stores that sell home decor, which has always been a brick-and-mortar business?  As it turns out, yes. The sales of home decor are being driven by e-commerce. People want to put a lot of love into their homes today, and they are counting on the digital world to help them.  Here, we talk about why companies that make home decor should sell online and how they can start.   

Why selling online is no longer optional for home decor brands?

Even before the COVID-19 crisis, people were getting used to the idea of buying home decor online. In 2018, Williams-Sonoma and its brands, such as West Elm and Pottery Barn, made 52.8% of their retail sales online.  The pandemic has only made this work more important: 
  • In March 2020, online sales of home products and furniture went up 97% from the same time last year. 
  • Furniture Today found that online searches for furniture went up 200%, for desks they went up 242%, for outdoor furniture they went up 260%, and for home decor they went up 205% in March 2020. 
  • 58% of millennials, almost half of Generation X, and 37% of baby boomers say they are more likely to buy home furnishings online now than they were before the pandemic.
  Home Decor Sell Online
  • In March 2020, there were 1.7 billion visits to websites that sold home decor and furniture online. 
  Even though physical stores were closed during the COVID shutdown, brands that had a strong online presence could still keep up with sales. For example, the direct-to-consumer (DTC) furniture brand Article said that April 2020 was their best month ever in terms of sales, which were up 200% year over year.  But many stores weren't ready for the digital shift caused by the pandemic. They relied a lot on sales in person because their websites were poorly made and didn't have any advanced features for shopping online.  It makes sense that the home furnishings industry saw a 26.4% YOY drop in March 2020, which meant billions of dollars in lost revenue.  And growth is expected to keep speeding up for retailers. Technavio says that between 2020 and 2024, the online home decor market will grow by $83.32 billion and reach $348.3 billion by 2027.     So, online sales are here to stay. The coronavirus crisis shows how important it is for brands to have a digital presence in the modern world.  Having an online store doesn't mean you have to close your regular store. The most successful brands of home decor are taking a more natural approach and building an omnichannel strategy, which makes it easy for customers to shop either online or in stores.  Here's how to set up your brand of home decor to do well across all channels.  

Everything you need to know about how to sell home decor brands online

There are many ways for brands of home decor to get into homes. The entry barrier is low, and no company has a monopoly. In a 2021 study of 1,111 direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands, "home and garden" was found to be the category with the fewest brands.  If you've ever thought about starting a home decor business or taking your current one online, now is the time. Here's how to get started, step by step:

1. Find out what you'd like to sell (and how)

Offering a unique product to a niche market is the easiest way to set your brand apart from the rest of the market.  What you sell depends on your budget, your area of expertise, and the type of business you want to run. For example, you can work with a manufacturer to make your furniture, or you can make it yourself and work with customers on a made-to-order basis.  You don't even have to make something completely new. You can sell to a specific group of people by making small changes to a popular category. Like the books Ordinary Habit and Goodfit. Both make puzzles, but Goodfit uses recycled cardboard to make puzzles that reflect modern culture, while Ordinary Habit tries to make artful games that get people away from screens. The same product is being sold to two different kinds of consumers.  How much you can invest also has a lot to do with what you sell. How much money you need to start your business depends on the product you sell and the way you run your business. For example, a print-on-demand business doesn't need a lot of money upfront because you buy materials as you need them. But a furniture business might need a place to store and keep inventory, which will cost money right from the start.  You don't have to start out big or go home. You can start out small. Farah Mehri's Instagram account was where she got the idea for her home decor company, Inspire Me! After teaching people on Instagram how to make their homes feel warm and welcoming for four years, she started her own product line.     Like Farah, you can start small with what you can afford and see how the market is doing before you grow.  

2. Create your brand online

Successful brands are strategic. You need to figure out your brand's story, your visual style, your vision and mission, and your perfect customer.  Creating a brand gives you an edge over your competitors and makes you more memorable. Based on the data, 77% of brands could just go away and no one would care. You wouldn't want your brand to be like one of those, would you?  Branding is important in home decor categories like furniture and mattresses where most people buy based on logic. Because people don't buy things very often, they often spend a lot of time weighing their options, comparing brands, and seeing what goes with their style.  When you map out content for your website and social media, brand guidelines can also be used as a guide. In one study, 68% of brands said that keeping their brand consistent led to 10–20% growth in their sales.   Take Knoll, a company that makes green furniture. On their website, they talk about their operational footprint and how their products are made. They also publish a sustainability report.     One study found that 86% of consumers say there are some products that they will only buy from a brand name.  Creating a brand can help people remember you among all the other things they hear and keep coming back for more.  

3. Create a great website and online store

Your company's website and online store are its "faces." They show how people see your brand. You want to get people's attention quickly and make a good impression.  Not sure where to start?  Even if you don't know much about technology or coding, CanCode.io makes it easy to set up your store. The platform is very flexible, so you can make your online store and website look like your brand. CanCode.io is also where you can buy the domain name for your store.  When making your website, don't cut corners on things like product photos, short descriptions of your products, and a color scheme that stays the same. Here are the things to watch out for:


When people go to your website, the first thing they see is your home page. It should say what's most important to you and what your current customers love about you.  Many brands, like Frama, which sells lifestyle items, also choose to put their best-selling items and newest content on their homepages so that customers can start buying from them right away.     You also need to make sure that your homepage is easy to use. Consumers should be able to easily find their way around your website, including your brand story, your product categories, a way to contact you, and any frequently asked questions (FAQs).  Since your brand's homepage is the first thing people see, don't be afraid to show some personality. Take the Yuns brand of tools. It has a unique experience, a home page with few distractions, and a cursor that stands out.    

Product categories

If you sell a lot of different things, you should put them on different web pages to give your customers the best experience. The mega-menu navigation at Howards Storage World lets customers quickly see and read about the different subcategories they can shop in.     You can also use trends and demand to sort your products into categories based on what people might be looking for right now. Frame Bridge, for example, has different sections for shopping for gifts, Christmas, and travel, among other things.     You can also be creative and show how your product can be used in different ways to show how it fits into different categories. The article does a great job of showing how their product looks in different rooms, for example.  

Product images and descriptions

Customers can't see or touch your products, so product photos are your chance to build trust and make the buying process feel like it would in person.  Use a mix of photos of your product, for example, to show more details, and photos of people using your product. Use advanced tools like virtual tours and 3D imaging to look at furniture and other items. They help people imagine how they would use your product. You can do this on your own, but if you have the money, hire a product photographer to help you show what your brand is all about.  American Leather, a company that makes furniture, does a great job of sharing high-quality photos of its products and how people use them. They also have short descriptions of the products.     Here are some things to keep in mind about product photography and product descriptions: 
  • Take photos of your product from different angles and make sure to show how big it is. This keeps people from thinking that your product is bigger or smaller than it looks in the picture. 
  • In the description, give specific measurements for things like furniture. Take furniture brand, Eloquence. Their descriptions of their products are short, and clear, and answer any questions a customer might have.
  • Take a zoomed-in picture of your product to try to show the small details. 
  • If your eCommerce website builder lets you, use 3D. The integration between BigCommerce and ThreeKit lets you customize and set up your product in cool 3D, AR, and virtual photography. 
  • Share a tale. Who does this item serve? How can you use it? Why is it better than the other stuff out there? This makes it clear to customers why they should buy from you instead of your competitors. Take a look at how quickly Helix lists the features of its mattress on its website:

4. Figure out how to ship things and give great customer service

Today, it's clear that shipping needs to go smoothly, with fast shipping, easy returns, and low shipping costs. Why? It's one of the biggest reasons why people don't buy something. Extra costs like shipping, taxes and fees are the main reason why 49% of people abandon their shopping carts.     But it can be stressful to figure out shipping, make a smooth return process, and keep your customer up to date on everything.  At first, you might have to do the work yourself. But as your business grows, it makes more sense to hire a shipping company to help you run your warehouse. Make sure the fulfillment partner you choose has a good reputation and has worked with other businesses in your industry. Find out what they charge ahead of time so you can include it in your price.  Gain consumers' trust by making it easy for them to try out products and return them if they don't like them. Snowe's clear return policy and detailed Frequently Asked Questions page are great examples.     But customer service today isn't just about making shipping easy.  Multichannel and omnichannel retailing is what you need.  Because of the pandemic, many stores had to change to multi-channel retailing, which is the practice of selling goods through many different channels.  According to a report by Global Data, traditional stores like Best Buy, Target, and Walmart that offer multichannel services saw the most growth in their online channels.  Neil Saunders, who is the top retail analyst at GlobalData, said: 
Despite claims that the growth of online shopping is leading to a ‘retail apocalypse,’ the reality is that many retailers across all sectors are thriving because they are innovating with multichannel to provide a convenient shopping experience for consumers. A very significant proportion of sales that are attributed to the online channel are, in fact, multichannel sales that rely on both stores and online for success. On average, one third of “online” non-food purchases – where a customer actually transacts online – are in fact reliant on physical stores for product selection, pick up, or return. 
Gallup's report shows that, even though brick-and-mortar stores are growing by 5% from one year to the next, 60–70% of people research products both in-store and online. So, being offline is no longer enough.  Many retailers are also starting to see how important omnichannel retail is, which is a step up from multichannel.  But what exactly is omnichannel retail?  It's not just a brand's presence on multiple channels (like e-commerce and brick-and-mortar stores), but also a seamless integration of inventory, customer service, and sales that makes it easy to switch between channels.  Do you ever use your phone to log in to your Amazon app and continue shopping for something you saw on their website? It's a great example of how omnichannel works. With omnichannel strategies, the number of new store visits goes up by 80%. Omnisend even confirmed that marketers whose campaigns used three or more channels had a 287% higher purchase rate than those whose campaigns used only one channel.   60% of millennials want brands to give them the same experience across all channels. So it makes sense that the global retail omnichannel commerce platform market is expected to reach $11.1 billion by 2024.  But even though multichannel and omnichannel retail has a lot of benefits, only 73% of marketers have a plan for multichannel marketing. Even though 91% of retailers plan to invest in an omnichannel strategy, only 12% of retailers say they have the right technology to do it.   How can you improve your omnichannel strategy?
  • Learn about your clients: Use surveys, one-on-one conversations, and social media to get to know your customers and figure out what they really want so you can give them what they want. For example, Serena and Lily give their customers personalized design tips.
72% of consumers say they only respond to messages that are tailored to them. Getting to know your customers is the first step toward giving them personalized service. With their new configurator, the furniture store Burrow takes customization to a whole new level. When people buy a sofa, they can choose the size, color, and height of the arms and legs.    
  • Offer a great mobile experience: Optimizing your site for mobile is no longer a choice. Between 2020 and 2025, mcommerce sales will make up almost half of all retail sales in the US.
  • Be where your customers are: Don't try to reach them through every possible channel. Instead, think about where your audience is and be there. 
  Customer service today is more than just offering cheap shipping and keeping in touch. People want an easy experience on all devices and a lot of ways to customize it.

5. Make a complete plan for marketing

When it comes to marketing, you can't be a couch potato. You have to be proactive and strategic to find out what works for your brand. Does it make more sense for your business to use Facebook ads, or should you try content marketing instead? Here, you should try things out and do a lot of research.  Industry West, a furniture company, ran a clever Instagram campaign that led to more than $900,000 in online sales. They wrote a message that looked like an "oops" and told people how to get discounted goods. Their post got a lot of attention, and on average, they got an order every five minutes. 72% of the people who bought because of this campaign were first-time buyers.  One way to market well, like Industry West, is to share content and build a following on the social media platform of your choice.  For instance, if you sell furniture, you can share tips on how to design. It's a great way to send more people to your website and turn more of your social media followers into customers. You can try a good mix of content that promotes your business, teaches people something, and is fun to read.  Holistic Habitat, a brand of home decor that cares about social issues, does a great job with its Instagram Reels.     On the other hand, Flooret, a flooring company, writes blog posts about design tips, customer stories, industry trends, and more.     In the end, you should focus on marketing that is real and building relationships with your customers. If people feel like they know your brand, 76% of them would buy from you instead of your competitor.  

There’s no place like home: The future for home decor brands

So, that's the end of it. Our full guide on how to sell your home decor brand online.  If you still aren't reaching customers digitally, you're giving your competitors money.  Right now, there is less of a link between online shopping and shopping in stores. The best way for home decor brands to grow in 2022 and beyond is to sell online without letting the customer experience suffer.

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