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Technology can make the in-person experience happen online

As more people shop online, it's more important than ever for brands to make sure their customers have a good experience from start to finish, because more people do so. eCommerce is hard for businesses that sell things that people usually hold, try on, or test out before buying.

It is important for brands to think outside of the box when it comes to customer experiences so that they can connect with people both on the internet and offline. There are a lot of tools and people who can help them with this. If you're interested in photography, AR, and how clothes fit, this chapter is for you.


It makes your products come to life when you take photos of them in 360 degrees and in 3D


Many people think that "3D photos" and "360-degree photos" are the same thing, but they aren't. It's called "spin photography," and it's a term that includes all of these methods. It can help buyers better understand and see your products.


  • One horizontal plane gives you a 360-degree view of your picture. At first, it looks like the image is always moving in the same place.
  • 3D photos let you see the world from a lot of different perspectives. They give you a complete picture of a product.


If you have a product that people want to look at from a lot of different angles, think about using one of these solutions. It's best to use a 360-degree shot for things that customers want to see from all sides, like bags or food. When people want to get a closer look at a product, like electronics or shoes, 3D photos are the best way to do it.


Customers can get a better idea of how your products will look in the real world by making them interactive. Higher conversion rates can be blamed on this better visualization.




AR can help you bring your products into people's homes and lives


As a person who works in the field of augmented reality, it's a great time to be alive right now (AR). A report from Reuters says that by 2023, the AR market around the world will be worth $70.01 billion.

AR can be used in a brand's digital strategy to get customers to interact with them and stay loyal to the company.


Marketing your products using Augmented Reality (AR)


Augmented reality is used in two ways when it comes to products:


  • A web or mobile app lets people "try on" makeup and see how it looks on their faces. For example, many of the world's most popular cosmetic businesses use this kind of app. If this is true, clothing companies could benefit as well.
  • It's becoming more common for home brands to allow customers to see a product in a different setting. Customers can place 3D furniture and decor images in a photo or live view of their home to see how it looks.


The more people who can try things out before they buy them are more likely to buy them. If a store had augmented reality, 71% of people say they'd come back more often and 40% say they'd be willing to pay more for products from companies that had it.




Sizing tools to help customers


Some people don't pay attention to how clothes fit when they run an online clothing business. When you buy something online, it can be hard to figure out what size you need. It's not as easy to try on different sizes as it is when you go shopping in a store. Sizes aren't always the same between brands or even within the same brand, which makes things even more difficult to figure out! When things don't fit right, they make up anywhere from 20% to 40% of all the returns.

There are some specific things to think about when it comes to the size of a thing. When people buy something from a store, they should at least see accurate sizing charts on the product page with a clear explanation of how to measure them. A simple size chart isn't enough to help people buy the right size. Businesses can go even further and offer interactive, easy-to-use solutions that both customers and brands will find easier to use.


Size charts: a tricky subject


The more you don't know how big you are, the less likely it is that you'll look at the size charts that show what clothes will fit you. These instructions may raise more questions about how to measure and what each number means when it comes to sizing. Many businesses don't spend money on customer education because they don't know how sizing can hurt their costs.


A clothes-recommendation service is an answer to problems with the size


The interactive tool can be used instead of relying on customers to measure and predict the size they should buy.




It can be used instead of relying on clients to measure and accurately predict the size they should buy.


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