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How My Skincare Products Got Off to a Good Start with CanCode.io?

How I Started My Own $100K/Month Skincare Products Brand with CanCode.io?


Even though our target market was very specific, sensitive skin turned out to be a very common problem for customers.


We've grown into a multimillion-dollar company in just 2 years because demand has grown so quickly, and because 75% of our customers come back, which is more than twice the average for our industry. 95 percent of our sales are in Australia, and the other 5 percent are from NZ and the US, where we recently started shipping.


Skincare Products


Beauty on the Go is a line of skincare products for sensitive skin. It is made with anti-inflammatory ingredients like Aloe Vera, Zinc, and Kaolin Clay, and it works to rebuild the skin's natural barrier to reduce redness, breakouts, and eczema.

Before using Shop Pre Order Manager App, our customers are frustrated because of the complicated site navigations, overwhelming options, and irrelevant details. Approximately 50 percent of our potential sales are lost because our visitors can’t find what they are looking for and also our email marketing is not successful.

Why Shop Pre Order Manager App?

As a small startup company where the skin care business is very rampant, the brand needed a tool that was built for eCommerce marketers and easy to use.


Shop Pre Order Manager App, is an App that is very convenient to use. It cuts down on the number of clicks they have to make to find what they want. Get rid of anything that might distract your visitors so they can learn more about your business and the products you sell. Not only does easy and intuitive navigation make shopping less frustrating, but it also gives shoppers a lot of confidence. Simply put, make them love you and your store the moment they see you.


Shopify integration

Beauty on the Go also needed a tool that would work well with their eCommerce platform, Shopify, and help them organize their list based on the different pieces of information they were collecting.


The campaign of Pre Order​


Boost sales with pre-orders


Get more sales and revenue by taking pre-orders for coming soon items and items out of stock. Capture purchase intent, and get more sales.

Automate pre-ordering easily


​You can automatically switch Add to Cart buttons with Pre-order buttons for out-of-stock & backorder products.


Easy to navigate​


Just 1-click installation, no coding required! Easy to customize pre-order badges, product tags, pre-order discounts, and more! Effortless and intuitive navigation not only reduces shopper frustration, but it’s also a great confidence builder. Simply put, make them fall in love with you and your store at first sight.


Advice to other eCommerce brands?​

I've heard so much advice, but I think the best way to succeed in business is to "try and fail." There's no surefire way to be successful in business, and what works for your brand might not work for another. You need to try a lot of different things and put things out into the universe.


If something is working, you should do more of it or make it bigger. If something isn't working, don't try to make it work anymore. Your time, energy, and money are limited resources, so put them into things that get you what you want.


Aside from that, I've noticed that all successful businesses seem to know exactly what makes their product or service stand out, who their customers are, and where they're coming from. All of what I do in business and how we market the brand is based on these three things.

If you’re looking for an intuitive, attractive tool built for eCommerce marketers, get Shop Pre Order Manager App.


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