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Running a pre-order sale on Shopify stores: 5 Important things to keep in mind

A good bet is that you already have a way to set up pre-orders in Shopify. If not, check out our Shop Pre Order Manager App on Shopify by CanCode.io to see if it works for you.


Pre-Order sales are a great way to get more people interested in your products over time when they are used with an effective marketing strategy. Here are a few things to think about or remember when you plan your Pre-Order sales campaign.

1. Pre-Order terms should be made clear in your Shopify store.




Set clear rules for your pre-orders from the start so that your customers know what to expect when they buy from you. It is important to make sure that the release and shipping dates are clear on your product websites. Pre-order terms and conditions should also be noted and linked to.

When you set expectations for your customers, you can save yourself a lot of time and make your customers more confident when they buy something from you. They may ask the following questions about Pre-Orders:

• If I change my mind, can I obtain a refund?
• When does my credit card for a pre-order get charged?
• Is it possible to return a Pre-Order once I've received it?
• Is there a cap on how many Pre-Orders I may place?

2. Consider including a discount or bonus.

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If you can include a discount of 5% to 10% or early shipping as part of the Pre-Order, it can help you get more customers to sign up and make more sales. This can help you get more customers to sign up and make more sales.

When you use the Shopify Pre-Order Manager app, you can make discounts for your Pre-Orders and keep track of your sales all in one place. This is a great feature.

3. Sales will go up if you use scarcity to get people to buy more things.


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In consumer psychology, it has been shown that we, as consumers, place more value on products that are rare than those that are many. Then, here are some ways you can help your Pre-Order sales:

• The remaining Pre-Orders that can be ordered are highlighted.
• On your product page, include a countdown timer.
• Show how many Pre-Orders there have been so far.
• Provide a discount for pre-orders.

Note: The Pre-Order Manager software lets you set limits on how many pre-orders a single customer can make so that no one person orders too many.

4. Make a plan for your marketing and sales efforts.


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Even though this is obvious, it is still very important, and we might be able to give you some more ideas for marketing channels. In fact, it was found that on the first day that Pre-Orders were available, 28 percent of all Pre-Orders were made by businesses.

It will be a lot easier for your Pre-Order sale to be successful if you already have a lot of people coming to your store and using your marketing tools to find you. While you may already be using paid, email and social media marketing, small advertising tricks like adding banners to your homepage or relevant collections can help people become more aware of your business.

Make sure to think about these things when you're planning your Pre-Order sale timeline:

• When will you make the pre-order announcement?
• What types of marketing channels will you use to raise awareness?

5. Study from the best in your field


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Consider the most well-known brand in your field or area, and think about what their most recent successful product was. If they had a pre-order option, think about the following: At what time did the pre-order start? How soon after it comes out? Which marketing channels did they try to use? The pre-order came with what kind of deals.

Customers can act in different ways in different industries and niches. By looking at what your competitors are doing and how you can improve on them, you can help your sales campaign start off on the right foot before it even starts.


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