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Redesigning the Dashboard for an eCommerce Platform (UX/UI Case Study)


Redesign the main dashboard to help the company improve the user experience and gain new customers.   SendOwl is eCommerce software that helps people sell digital files, subscriptions, memberships, and much more. The product was easy to use and priced well, which helped the company become the leader in this market. I've been using SendOwl since 2015 to sell presentation templates, and I love it. But there are a few things that bother me about the product that makes it less enjoyable to use. There are limited features (like not being able to compare analytics data from one time period to another), an old-fashioned user interface, and no good mobile version. This case study shows you how to fix these problems by redesigning the Dashboard, which is one of the most important pages for shop owners.  
  • Make something that looks modern.
  • Change how the Dashboard page looks.
  • Make the menu and search bar better.
  • Deliver a mobile version
  UX Research, Prototyping, Art Direction, UI Design  

How to do it:

  1. Collect and analyze UX data
  2. Make a prototype;
  3. Design UI for the web and
  4. UI for mobile devices.

UX Research Methods

  • The Activity Feed isn't a key part of the Dashboard page, so it should be taken away.
  • The main numbers on the Dashboard page should have a way to compare them.
  • The design layout of SquareSpace Commerce Dashboard is the best among its competitors. It looks nice and doesn't have too many features, but it still tells the shop owner everything he or she needs to know.
  • The user should know what the Search Bar can do, like find customer emails, names, discounts, and so on. This will make it more like an intelligent helper for the store owner.
  • Reports and Analytics can be put together to make the main navigation menu easier to use.


    When I was making wireframes, I had a big idea about how to change the Dashboard: I should make tabs for Products and Subscriptions. SendOwl lets customers make both one-time purchases and recurring payments (recurring basis purchases). Then, it puts all of the data from both pricing models on one chart. This makes the chart harder to read because it makes the information less clear. Assuming that most people use SendOwl to sell products or subscriptions, it would be much better to have separate charts for each pricing model.  

Developing a New Visual Theme

A big part of the project was giving the SendOwl brand a more modern look. The first step was to make the logo simpler. The next step was to choose a new color scheme and font family.    

Designing Web UI

The new Dashboard shows a snapshot of key indicators and how well they did during the last time period. From what I've learned, these are Sales, Orders, AOV, and Refunds for products, and MRR, New, Active, and Cancelled subscriptions.      

Designing Mobile UI

One of the project's goals was to make sure that the new Dashboard design worked well on mobile. All of the most important indicators and features were kept and put on a single mobile screen, while the page layout stayed easy to read and understand.    


When redesigning a software interface that is already used by a lot of people, you should always start by getting full analytics. It's very important to give yourself enough time to learn as much as you can from that data. Since the SendOwl team didn't know I was working on this redesign idea, I could only do UX research on data that was available to the public.

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