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Product Page Tune-Up: 9 Ways to Make Product Pages That Sell

Most of your customers will decide whether to buy your product or leave your store on the product page of your eCommerce store. This part of the sales funnel is often ignored, which is a shame.  Many store owners focus on making their checkout page better or changing what happens after a visitor adds an item to their cart. However, customers won't get that far if your product pages don't convince them to buy.  Product pages tell customers why your product is valuable and what needs or problems it fills or solves. They also list the product details a customer needs to see to decide whether or not to buy. Good product images and well-written product descriptions are important, but they're not enough to make a great product page. There are a lot of other things you need to get right as well.  Here are nine tried-and-true ways to make product pages that sell more and bring in more money. 

1. Don't wait to catch someone's attention

Every reporter in the world of journalism is told to put the lead first. This means that you should start a story with the important parts and never make people dig to find the important parts.  The way this is done can teach store owners a few things. Even though you'll want to cover all the details of your product at some point, a high-converting product page doesn't leave potential customers hanging. After all, all it takes to lose a sale is one click of the back button. All of your product pages must quickly and clearly explain what a product is and why it's valuable.   product page   Vitruvi uses this idea in a smart way by giving a short summary of what its essential oil diffuser is made of, what it does, and how it will look in the homes of potential buyers.  Each of these ideas is looked at in more depth further down, with rich context, explanations, and pictures that help explain and prove the claims made. But for most products, the choice to start with an "at a glance" copy is the right one because the customer is never left waiting for their interest to be piqued. 

2. Listen to and respond to customer concerns

Product page optimization starts with realizing that there is a connection between the product, the reasons your customers want to buy it, and any objections that might stop them from doing so.  SlideBelts knows that when selling its Survival Belt, for example, customers care much more about how it works than how it looks. A high-quality picture can show how the belt looks, so the copy on the product page can talk about how durable and useful it is. For this product, it's important to show potential buyers how well the belt stands up to harsh environments and regular wear and tear.     To increase conversion rates on your product pages, you also need to know how to persuade customers and put your own ideas to the test through research.   
Start by understanding your customer’s motivations for buying your product and the objections or concerns they need addressed. 
  Kettle & Fire sells a health product that not everyone will know about ("Why should I add bone broth to my diet? "). The traditional way of making bone broth also makes it hard to find the right ingredients and take the time to make it. This makes it easy to write copy that starts with how hard it is to do things the "old way" compared to how easy it is to use a Kettle & Fire product.     A possible increase in conversions is one benefit, but addressing common worries can also help you set better expectations, which will cut down on the number of product returns. Your support queue will thank you for reducing customer frustration, which is usually caused by getting a product that isn't what they expected. 

3. Make a clear call to action stand out

Even though it seems obvious, if you want your product pages to have a higher conversion rate, don't make the most important thing, the "add to cart" button, too quiet. Buying should be easy, so your call to action should be hard to miss without being too flashy or going against the design of your product page.     Vermilyea Pelle didn't have to change its sleek, simple design that likes to be in the background in order to make a high-converting product page that shows off its handmade bags. It's easy to get to checkout because the "Add to Cart" button is at the top and the language is simple (now is not the time to be clever). 

4. Turn on live chat on important pages

Customers always say that live chat is the best way to get help because they can get answers quickly, do other things at the same time, and feel like it's the best use of their time.  Like a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section on your product page, targeted live chat lets potential customers get quick answers to their questions. This makes it easier for them to make an informed decision about whether or not to buy your product. The big difference is that they talk to a chatbot, you, or a member of your support team to get their answer.  This means that live chat can require manual work, and it's often best to use it when there's a lot of traffic (to close more sales) or on certain product pages, like those with more expensive bundles that bring in more money than the average order.  Live chat also shows potential customers that they can reach you quickly and easily, which makes them more likely to trust your business. Even if your visitors don't use live chat, just knowing it's there can make them feel better.     If your visitors choose to use live chat, that's your chance to answer any questions they might have that are holding up their purchase. You don't have to be a salesperson; just be as helpful and honest as you can. For example, ThirdLove's stated goal is to help their customers find a bra that fits, so having live chat makes sense. 

Use Shopify Inbox's live chat service 

Installing the Shopify Inbox app is a free way for Shopify users to add live chat to their eCommerce sites. With Shopify Inbox, you can answer customer questions, suggest products, and drive sales from your computer or iOS, or Android mobile device. 

5. Add videos or GIFs to your photos to enhance them

One problem with shopping online is that you can't touch, feel, or look at the products you're thinking about buying. Because of this, high-quality product photos and other visuals can help provide a similarly helpful experience.  We've talked for a long time about how product photography can make or break an eCommerce site. However, it's important to remember that visuals aren't just photography and that using visuals effectively isn't just about how they look. Great photos, GIFs, and videos all take into account your customers' questions and concerns and help them make better choices.     Storq sells maternity clothes. On its product page copy, it talks about how soft and comfortable the materials are. It also has a video of a model wearing its clothes to show how each piece should fit.  Videos and moving pictures don't have to be long or hard to understand either. Look at how KeySmart uses a simple animated GIF with no sound to show off its product in a way that a still image or a set of images can't quite do.     What would your customers pay close attention to if they were buying this product in person? What might they want to compare? Online stores can make up for this by showing customers what they would normally look for when buying a product in person.  Last but not least, don't forget that even though your product photos and videos are on your site, they are often what are used to show off and promote your products elsewhere. Your photos and videos will go with your products, so it's always a good idea to put money into them.  Check out our short guide on how to use video to increase conversions if you want to learn more about how video can help your eCommerce business. 

6. Show off your reviews and feedback

In general, the more a product promises a specific good result, the more valuable customer testimonials are. Because of this, online reviews are now necessary to build trust in almost every product category.  Nearly 95% of shoppers read reviews before making a purchase, and surveys show that customers trust reviews more than the store or manufacturer's descriptions.  Since customer reviews are so common, look for ways to catch your customers' attention or add to the social proof that reviews already give. On every product page, Wildebeest puts customer reviews next to its quality guarantee.     Visit the Shopify App Store and choose one of the many review apps if you want to make it easy for customers to leave reviews on your product pages. As an extra tip, reach out to customers a few weeks after they've bought something and ask them to leave an honest review. Email is usually the best way to do this.   
Nearly 95% of shoppers read reviews before making a purchase, which means reviews are essential for establishing trust.
  If you sell a product that is directly tied to a personal result, like clearer skin or a better golf swing, testimonials will be an important part of your marketing strategy. Stars and short blurbs are enough to sell a pair of socks, but they probably won't be enough to get someone to spend more money (e.g., a premium product or a personal product like skincare).      The best testimonials are about real people and show how their lives were before and after using your product. Luxy Hair's products have a direct effect on how customers look, so to build trust, the brand shares a lot of transformation stories and honest feedback from customers.

7. Put social proof and guarantees in a prominent place

Putting trust badges or seals on your site can be a quick way to show social proof if your product has been endorsed or given a seal of approval from a reputable source.  On your product page, it's a good idea to list any certifications or important things about your product, like how safe it is or if it's real (so long as customers care about these aspects). It's easy to just put these things in the description of your product, but badges can save space for copy and make your page stand out.     The value of these badges is that they help customers quickly check off their most important concerns (e.g., if a customer has a gluten allergy and requires a gluten-free product). Note that if you want to use certain seals or badges on your eCommerce website, you may need permission or an official certificate.  When you don't want to use an official organization or standard (like "USDA Organic"), you can make your own badges that just list the most important things about a product. For example, "Made in Canada" or "High Quality" would work better as badges than as bullet points in a product description. Primal Pit Paste uses badges in this way to show what its products are all about.   Putting up solid guarantees is another way to make customers feel better. How do I return something? How do you make sure your customers are happy? Is it on a separate page where no one can see it?  The kinds of guarantees you can offer depend on your products and your profit margins, but it's important to make sure your product pages make clear what you can do. 

8. Upsell and cross-sell where appropriate

A product page's purpose is to sell. But many online stores end up losing customers because their product pages have too many extra offers and links to other products that are similar.  Upselling and cross-selling can help you raise the average order value, but you need to be careful and organized. If you put too many related products and banners on your product pages, it can feel too pushy and spammy, make it hard for customers to decide what to buy, and keep them from finishing their orders. Putting related products next to what a customer is looking at can make all the difference and make the product they are looking at even more appealing. 3sixteen suggests pieces that go well together to get people to think about buying a whole outfit.  Display a small number of additional products, but don't fill up the space you have. This will increase your conversion rate while keeping buyers' attention on the product they're already looking at. A store called Slyde sells bodysurfing handboards. The store only shows the most important product add-ons, and it does so right next to an offer of free shipping and a promise of easy returns, which is a nice touch.    

9. Don’t leave your shelves completely empty

Even if an item is sold out, you don't have to lose a customer forever. When one of your products is temporarily out of stock, you can keep from losing future sales by letting customers leave their contact information so you can let them know when the product is back in stock.  Greats is a shoe company based in Brooklyn. They often make special prints or work with other designers to make limited-edition sneakers. When a certain size is out of stock, customers are told to "skip the line" and they will be notified when their size comes back in stock.  This might already be built into your Shopify theme, but if not, you can use apps like Back in Stock. You can also look into other ways to get leads from pages with sold-out products, such as a custom landing page or pre-orders. 

Making pages for products that sell

Your online store can't survive without your product pages. If they look bad or don't make sense, you could make your customers angry and leave a lot of money on the table.  Putting in extra effort to make product pages that convert well will also do a lot for your store's brand and reputation, setting you apart from your competitors. The more work you put into your product pages, the more shoppers will be interested in both your products and your company as a whole.  Changes that are small or easy can sometimes have big effects on your business. Start with good ideas and try them out. Your product page conversion rates should start to go up faster than ever.  

FAQ pages for high-converting products

What does the phrase "high converting" mean? 

Your conversion rate is the percentage of people who visit your website and who do what you want them to do, in this case, buy your product. A product page with a high conversion rate persuades more of your potential buyers to make a purchase. 

What are three important parts of an eCommerce page that gets a lot of sales?

The most important parts of a high-converting product page are 1) an "above the fold" section with a product image and key benefits; 2) more images and text to tell the whole story of your product; and 3) customer reviews to show social proof that your product is good. 

How do you write a high-conversion product description?

Great product descriptions use clear, direct language to explain what your product does and how it helps people. Use bullet points to break down the most important points for more efficiency.

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