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Create the perfect product page by giving an overview of the most important parts

You'll learn about everything from how to make great product images to how chatbots and flexible payment options can help your business in this detailed tutorial on eCommerce PDPs.

The basics of making product pages that sell are covered in this first chapter. We'll talk about how to plan your pages, what you should include, and how some brands do it well.

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Among the things your product page must have are the following:

There are a lot of factors that go into whether or not someone will leave your site. There are a lot of businesses that don't pay enough attention to these people.

You want your eCommerce site's homepage to look good and be easy to use, but will that be the page that most of your site's visitors start off on when they visit? I don't think so. There is a good chance that people are looking for a specific thing, like a "red v-neck dress" or "waterproof watches for men," when they search.

A bad conversion rate can sometimes mean that a product isn't good enough, but it's more likely that the product page didn't have enough information to convince people to buy it.

You need to make sure that your product pages do these three things:

1. Your customers need to know everything they can about your goods.
2. It's important to show that your online store is a safe place to buy things.
3. Consumers should be encouraged to buy your product.

One page can't do so much, and it is. You can, however, plan and work hard to make high-quality customer experiences that lead to sales.

It's important for your eCommerce product pages to have these things.

You'll need a plan in place before you can start designing or building your product page. You need to make sure that each element serves a specific purpose, gives important information, and helps the buyer's journey move along.

Products in any industry should have these elements and some suggestions for how to use them, no matter what.

Clear call to action.

The goal of your product page is to make people want to add the item to their shopping cart. What you need now is a strong call to action that will get people to take action. This is a good way to make sure that people see your button right away. Make sure it's big and bright, and that you tell them what to do. Most of the time, strong CTAs use action words such as "order," "buy," or "obtain," which are two or three words.

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CTAs like "Buy Now" and "Add to Cart" aren't specific enough for each customer. Instead, you should use CTAs that are tailored to their needs. It's important, though, to look around and try different things to find the best version for your business.

Product photography

Your customers can't hold, touch, or try on the things you sell, so the only way for you to connect with their senses is through photos and virtual experiences.

It will go into more detail about how to take product shots at the end of the tutorial. We'll also talk about things like augmented reality (which Shopify listed as a key trend in 2021). Customers should be able to zoom in on product features, and you should include a lot of different angles that will at least help you sell your goods at least. For example, a customer who buys food from a well-known brand might want to see the nutritional information on the back of the package.

In order to get a sense of how it looks when the product is actually used, customers can look at product images. These images show close-ups of the product as well as shots of the product in other situations.

Product choice

Some options for color, size, and flavor may be available for your item. Customers should be able to see what each option looks like if they need to see it. A sweater in the color they want to see will help them decide if it's something they like.

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Product specification

Many companies don't pay attention to the important role that product descriptions play in their marketing. This is where you list all of your product's keywords and talk about how great it is. In the United States? Is it a long-term answer? Is it machine-washable and wrinkle-proof? All of these things can help you sell your goods to the people who want them.

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Policy for shipping and refunds

If your shipping and refund policies aren't found until later in the checkout process, people may not buy your products. If you tell people about your policies up front, they can make an informed choice and avoid unpleasant surprises.

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Shop Pre Order Manager has a lot of information about shipping at the top of each product page. Customers can expect free shipping, but they should be aware that COVID-19 may slow down shipping. To find it elsewhere, there's also a link to find it on other eCommerce sites or in a store.

Social proof

Later in this page, we'll go into more detail about how to get more customers to buy from you and how to build customer confidence in your brand. Photos and videos of clients using your items are even better if you can add visual user-generated material like these examples: 

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Mobile responsiveness and mobile-first design

We'll go into more detail about increasing conversions and establishing customer confidence in your brand later on in this book. Photos and videos of clients using your items are even better if you can add visual user-generated material like these examples:  

Navigating Breadcrumb

Users can avoid having a bad experience by using breadcrumb navigation, which makes it easy for them to move to other parts of the site that they want to see. This increases the time spent on the site and reduces the number of people who leave. All things being equal, the more time a person spends on a website, the more likely they are to make a purchase.

If you want to start making product pages, these are just the basics to get you going. You can make your product pages stand out with features like chatbots, 360-degree and 3D images as well as splitting up payments. This is what we'll be talking about next.

When you write product pages, these are the best things you can do.

When you think about how your page should look, you need to think about how it should be laid out. The most important parts should be above the "fold," or on a mobile device, on one screen, so that people can see them quickly. When you can, put this:

Call-to-action: YES! Make sure the "buy" or "add to cart" button is easy to find.

Photos and options: You should be able to see all of the photos and options for the item you want to buy right at the top of its page. A good idea on a smartphone is to make the things you need to get around easy to swipe.

Description: In this case, you don't have to show everything about this product before it's even opened up. Short text at the top of the page with the most important information about the product, and a longer text below the fold, will make sure that customers can get the information they need to buy the product.

Breadcrumbs: When a person doesn't find what they want on the page they're on, it's easy for them to move on to other product pages.

If your screen is big enough, this information might fall below the "fold." In this area, you can also put customer reviews. Put aggregated star ratings at the top so people can see right away if your product is well-liked.


Products have their own pages. There are some things you should know about them. It's time to take your product pages to a whole new level now! Next, we'll talk about more advanced strategies that will help you with everything from truly putting your products on the market to building customer trust. How to make product pages that sell, how to build a customer base, how to grow your store's traffic, and how to make more money are all things this guide will show you how to do.


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