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How Juneberry Boutique sells products for people with CanCode.io?

How Juneberry Boutique sells products for people with CanCode.io?


Find out how what started out as a side hustle—selling shoes online—turned into a multi-million-dollar eCommerce empire.


Juneberry Boutique


When Juneberry Boutique first started, it was just a small online store that sold shoes. We still sell shoes today, along with clothes, handbags, accessories, and other things. That "more" is giving the best customer service, company culture, and customer experience. We want to show the world that it is possible to make customers, employees, vendors, shareholders, and the community happy at the same time in a long-term, sustainable way.

When we have not used CanCode.io's Shop Pre Order Manager App we have struggled with the product inventory and sales.

Why use Shop Pre Order Manager App?

When we started using the Shop Pre Order Manager App, we can instantly filter the sales and we do not struggle anymore while doing the inventory. Plus they have a feature called Pre-Order Calculator. This feature helps you in tracking accurate and efficient Pre-Order Sales.


It also helps us increase our sales. And not to mention the very convenient way of using the Shop Pre Order Manager App.

Shop Pre Order Manager App helps you capture pre-orders upfront before investing in products and can be invaluable to product validation. It offers pre-orders upfront before investing in products can be invaluable to product validation. Pre-orders allow stores to list new designs and color variants ahead of time without committing to products unless the offering sells well enough to prove itself.

Powerful Shopify Integration

Increase Sales

It lets you boost your online sales. You can sell more products without putting a lot of money into the stock. You can also do research to find out what your customers want. This lets you quickly find the best products to sell so you can make the most money and spread the word about your brand. It's an easy way to get people to buy from you, and you can spread the word through your customers.


Product Inventory

With the use of the Shop Pre Order Manager App, we can easily generate the report of the product inventory and will promptly show the sales that you have made.

The campaign of Pre Order

Generate excitement and drive growth

It creates professional product imagery and copy. Also, it offers pre-order incentives and promotions on paid and social media.


Offering exclusive pre-order access to customers on your mailing list or through a member loyalty program creates buzz and increases the chances that these repeat shoppers will buy from you. It also helps build brand loyalty and shows that you value their business and know what they want to buy.


Advice to other eCommerce brands?

​You will have to try out a lot of different things if you want to do well in the business. You will have to make ads for each product. Try out different words, layouts, and pictures. Trying out different kinds of ads is what will eventually bring in customers and boost sales. Once you've made ads that make money, you can start trying different things on your website.

Many people start by trying to improve their website. But if you don't have any features yet, you won't know how customers react to them. Don't guess anything about your customers. Be willing to be wrong about what really works. You won't know the truth until you look at the data.

For your eCommerce store to be successful you need to have a marketing tool like Shop Pre Order Manager App. It helps us reach our goals for our business and has been able to help us reach more people.


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