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Why Pre-Order Sales are Important and How to Increase Your Pre-Order Pipeline?

For indie developers, pre-orders are an underutilized lifeline. The period leading up to a game's full release offers a great opportunity to raise awareness, cultivate a community, forge relationships with influencers, and get early-stage funding, all of which are important for a project's long-term viability.   When it comes to increasing the effectiveness of pre-orders, timing is important. The keys to success are getting started early and building enough momentum. The majority of indie developers estimate that the first-day pre-orders are available, and 15-28 percent of their overall pre-launch sales are made. This could be the deciding factor between a successful and an unsuccessful project, which is why you should set aside time to create a pre-order funnel so you can take advantage of it as well.  

5 Steps that Shop Pre Order Manager App used to create a Successful Pre-Order:

  • Getting the campaign ready
  • Marketing initiatives at the beginning
  • A release date for pre-orders
  • Post-marketing release
  • Prior to the official launch

Why Are Pre-Order Sales So Important?

Since the 1980s, pre-orders have been a component of the gaming industry. Consumers utilized them back then to ensure they got their hands on a copy of a physical product as soon as it became available. Demand may easily outstrip supply, but by placing a pre-order, they knew they wouldn't be left out in the cold on launch day.   Supply issues are rare these days thanks to digital media, but pre-ordering is still a valuable practice for both consumers and developers. Players see them as a chance to gain exclusive features, get pre-launch discounts, and show their support for a game they're excited to play. Developers can take advantage of the potential to offer unique goods while also developing a community at an early stage.   If you think of the pre-release phase as a period of peaceful incubation, you're bypassing a key initial step. Pre-orders often account for 20-30% of a game's first-year sales. Don't be hesitant; share your game early and reap the rewards of a successful pre-order campaign.  

Putting Together a Winning Pre-Order Campaign

It's never too early to start running a pre-order promotion. Use the timeframe below to organize your materials and release strategy, then open the gates and make it official.  

Getting Ready for Pre-Orders

First and foremost, make certain that you have a dedicated launch page. This is one of the most crucial first steps because it establishes a stable site where interested visitors may find your game. An excellent launch page serves as a hub for all news, media, and discussions in the community. It's also an excellent place to put your own 'Buy Now' buttons.   Now you must choose the specifics of your pre-order campaign. Some developers are perfectly satisfied with pre-orders being a simple one-time fee for the whole game. To encourage early purchases, several companies provide founders packs or other exclusives. Here are some ideas to get you started:  
  • Create limited-edition items that can only be purchased through pre-orders. Character skins, maps, in-game stuff, and whatever else your game requires.
  • Have a variety of pre-order choices, such as collector's editions, normal buy-ins, and founders packs.
  • Consider a season pass if you want to sell DLC or subscriptions. It will provide you with a discount for long-term purchases.
  Using CanCode.io's Shop Pre Order Manager App to create both a launch page and a sales platform is a simple option. You can create packages for additional digital distribution channels and include links to each outlet on your landing page with this self-run solution.  

Raising Awareness

You're now ready to move on to the marketing step. Your job is to make interacting with your team and purchasing the game as easy as possible.  
  1. Reach out to influencers and media sites with concise, information-packed content that highlights your game's strongest aspects.
  2. Direct them to your landing page, and make it clear when will pre-orders begin.
  3. Include a sign-up box for a mailing list so that individuals can enter their e-mail addresses and be notified when pre-orders go live.
  Following these instructions will assist you in achieving maximum potential velocity. Create a craze among the fans by being the champion of all the varied experiences your game has to offer. Keep an eye on your site's analytics to discover where your visitors come from and then interact with those influencers and publications to develop solid partnerships.   You can advertise your game in a variety of ways, ranging from search engine optimization to traditional advertising and social media awareness campaigns like example Facebook and Instagram, etc. During this time, be open to trying anything; you never know what will work unless you give it an attempt.  

Rollout of pre-orders

You've flipped the switch, and your game is now available for pre-order. Make a pot of coffee since the next few days are going to be hectic. You should see a significant increase in traffic if you've raised enough awareness. More than half of your visitors will be viewing your page for the first time, so make your landing page and 'Buy Now' buttons as appealing and simple to use as possible.   It's natural that not everyone who comes in will place an order. This isn't to say they aren't or will never be interested in purchasing. Keep that mailing list box immediately below your pre-order buttons to catch these stragglers. Even if someone is only marginally interested in your game, you can obtain their contact information and tell them of big events, potentially leading to purchase at a later date.   Send out press releases on the first-day pre-orders are available to make the initial push as strong as possible. Send the news to social media outlets, as well as any outlets with whom you've previously worked, as they're the most likely to post follow-up announcements.  

During the Pre-Order Phase

Pre-orders enter a dead zone when the initial rush dies down, and things start to slow down. This is similar to the post-holiday shopping season when workers clean up all of the trash left behind following the rush of purchases. Expect sales to slow, but don't interpret this as a harbinger of impending catastrophe.   The pre-order slump will occur for around a week before the game is released. Use the time to improve your game while simultaneously continuing to market it to help grow a following and keep pre-order revenues from falling.  
  • Begin forming connections with influencers and streamers.
  • When you have an important announcement to make, contact the media.
  • Send out review keys and come up with various promotions you may run at different stages of development.
  • Get feedback on the game's development by talking to your pre-order community. Is there anything they believe should be altered? Are there any extras you think they'd enjoy?

Prior to Release

Prepare for another large marketing push about 7-10 days before your game launches. This will be the gamers' final chance to take advantage of pre-order discounts and exclusives, so make sure founders packs and other similar items are readily available. Use the e-mails you gathered previously to inform them that pre-order discounts are about to expire and that the full release is approaching.   During this pre-release period, traffic will rise once more. Don't be afraid to repeat the marketing steps you've already taken. This is your next best chance to generate buzz, expand your following, and generate new money. Make the most of it.  


Due to lack of time, Indie developers frequently skip the pre-order period. Setting up landing pages and stores, let alone all of the marketing methods required to capitalize on this drive, takes much too long. When you've got a game to make, why bother with all of that?   Shop Pre Order Manager App was created with the goal of making pre-order campaigns as simple and painless as possible. The App lets you quickly design landing sites with just a few clicks, including unique distribution platform connectors and the opportunity to create your own sales button. To make the outreach and marketing phases as smooth as possible.   Start your pre-order campaign right now with Shop Pre Order Manager App!

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