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Give shoppers a reasons to return with a wishlists

With an excellent wishlist user experience, you may increase sales, engagement, and loyalty. In this chapter, we'll cover the advantages of wishlists for your e-commerce site and how you can use their data to improve the user experience—and your bottom line.   

Sales, engagement, and retention are all boosted by the use of wishlists

Using wishlists as a marketing technique can be incredibly effective. A survey conducted by Google found that 40 percent of shoppers thought their shopping experience would be improved by merchants offering a wishlist where customers may bookmark goods they're interested in purchasing.    Wish lists are popular among consumers for a wide range of reasons. Despite their interest, they aren't quite ready to make the purchase just yet. A customer may want to keep track of an item that's out of stock in their desired color or size in order to acquire the same item at a later date. In addition, they may be compiling a list of things they'd like to get for loved ones for important occasions, like birthdays.     It doesn't matter what the purpose of the wishlist is, it's an effective marketing tool for firms. Here are a few ways you may use wishlists to increase sales.     Customers who have wishlisted an item can be notified through email or text message when the item's stock is running low, when it is back in stock, or when the price reduces. You can even message them to remind them to complete their purchase.     A product remarketing ad can be served to those customers who have previously wished for an item.     Delivering relevant product recommendations, such as a similar product that is in stock and available in their requested size, or one that is cheaper, are all viable options.     If a potential customer adds a product to their wishlist, you already know what they enjoy and where they are in the sales funnel. The right message could be the deciding factor in their decision to buy.     Wishlist Plus and other tools like it make it easy for e-commerce firms to add plug-ins, customize features, and more. You need to make sure that whichever tool you use for your website is compatible with your present shopping platform and third-party applications. 

Use wishlists to learn more about your consumers' buying habits and predict their needs. 

A consumer desire list is a goldmine of information. If they don't buy anything, you don't truly know what they're looking for, even if you collect their information. When you use wishlists, you can go further. Patterns arise when you study thousands of clients at once, and this helps your product marketing.     Let's assume 150 people had your item on their wish list, but only 5 of them actually bought it. Afterwards, you can test a variety of product descriptions, pricing, and offers to see which ones are most effective at luring customers. Afterwards, you can apply these lessons to your entire store.      In addition, wishlists can be utilized to help with inventory management. When there are 250 people who add an item to their wishlist in November, it's most likely that they're either buying it for someone else or requesting that someone else buy it for them in the next month. It's then possible to determine whether or not you need to order extra of that item.    Having a better understanding of your customer's habits and preferences can help you better serve them. And that leads to increased customer loyalty and increased revenue.   

Here are six tips for making the most of your wishlist.  

Regardless of the size or shape of a customer's wishlist, there are a few essential features that every wishlist should contain. The following are the six most critical considerations.    

Make it simple to access your wishlist

A single click should be all it takes for a customer to add a product to their wishlist. In order to ensure a seamless shopping experience, it must be strategically located at the entrance or exit of the store.    

Ensure that the wishlist can be found quickly.

Anywhere on the website can access the customer's wishlist, not just the official wishlist area. Floating icons on all pages or header menus can be used to accomplish this.   

Mobile compatibility is an essential for your wishlist.

Since mobile devices account for the vast majority of eCommerce site visits, it's critical that your wishlist module works flawlessly on all of them.    

Do not restrict access to the wish list.

Don't force customers to become members and log in to use the wish list; anonymous individuals should be able to do the same. On sites that don't need users to log in, we observe a large rise in customer engagement.    

Enable the posting of wishlists via social media

Customers should be able to send their birthday wishlist to their loved ones by email or text message if they create one. This may be made more user-friendly by including share buttons with many platform possibilities.    

Engage in online social networking

When it comes to remarketing and engagement, social share buttons are a must. Wishlist data can be used to target advertising campaigns based on a customer's previous purchases.   


Brands and customers alike benefit from wishlists. Customers can keep note of products they intend to buy in the future, and brands can use this information to target their marketing efforts. Your consumers will return to complete their purchases (or have someone else do it for them) if you deploy and leverage insights in a smart way.   

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