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The Best Gift Ideas for Bloggers and Business Owners that are Useful

Real bloggers from all over the world have asked a lot for this list of gift ideas for bloggers. It's a collection of the top picks on every blogger's wish list.   And if you're not a blogger, you probably have NO IDEA what kind of gifts your blogger friends and family really want.   We're unique kind of person, and the things we want, need, and love isn't always what most people want, need, and love.   But don't be afraid, my friend!   I'm here to help you avoid that shopping headache and the dreaded mistake of buying a thoughtful but unimpressive gift for that awesome blogger in your life.   I asked hundreds of full-time and part-time bloggers about their work over the past year.   I asked them what their top gift wish was for their blog. And I'm here to share that list with you so that you can find the perfect gift for the bloggers in your life.   Here are the top 28 gifts that REAL bloggers have asked for!   Let's start with the things that matter.   Gift Ideas bloggers    

Practical Gift Ideas for Bloggers

  We've put together a list of the most practical gifts that bloggers want and need, in no particular order.  


    Website hosting is something that every legit blogger has to pay for every year. It's cheap at first, but the price goes up as you get bigger.   Website hosting gives our blog a place to live on the internet that is safe. So, it's kind of a big deal for bloggers.   Wanna make a blogger's day? Give them a year of web hosting as a gift.   To pay for their website hosting directly, you'll need to be able to log into their hosting account. Or, you can buy a gift card that is already paid for and includes a note that says the gift is for website hosting.   Best practical gift ever!  


    Most bloggers are looking for a good course or book that will help them improve their blogs and reach their goals.   If your blogging friends or family members haven't said what kind of blogging education they want to invest in, ask them what they're working on or learning about in their business right now.   Here are some great courses and e-books about blogging that would make great gifts. · Pinteresting Strategies by Carly Campbell This Pinterest marketing course was made by a well-known blogger and is one of the most popular options out there. Everyone who blogs has taken the course or wants to. It's also cheaper than most other options. Definitely a good choice for a present. · On-Page and Off-Page SEO e-book Bundle by Debbie Gartner This very cheap e-book bundle has two of my favorite learning tools for bloggers. When you buy the bundle, you get a nice discount, and these books make great gifts for bloggers. · Stupid Simple SEO by Mike Pearson This is a premium search engine optimization course that can completely change the game for any blogger who wants their content to show up on page one of Google. The only catch is that you have to first sign up for the free SEO training and then buy through the webinar (or through later promotional emails in the email series). · Affiliate Marketing, Simplified! by Cate Rosales This is my action-packed online course that shows you how to increase your affiliate marketing income as quickly and easily as possible. It's cheap, has a lot of information, and would make a great gift for bloggers who want to make more money from their blogs. · Product Perfection by Tracie Fobes This course will teach you everything you need to know to make your own digital products and sell them. This is a great and inexpensive educational resource or gift if you or your blogging friends have been wanting to sell printables or other digital products of your own.  


    If you know any bloggers in real life, you probably already know that we often have a lot going on.   It's a lot to try to make great content every day, build a business that makes money, deal with emergencies, and take care of other responsibilities.   So, here's an idea for a gift that bloggers won't forget: give them time! · Babysit their kids · Walk their dogs · Mow the lawn · Hire them a housecleaner · Run quick errands   A fun little coupon that they can use whenever they want would be a cute way to give this gift.  


  Source: Publer   In the same way, we always like things that make our work a little bit easier.   In this category, there are a lot of useful gift ideas for bloggers, but here are two great ones. · Tailwind This is a tool for automating Pinterest and Instagram. It saves a lot of time for bloggers who want to market on Pinterest. If you want to save a few bucks and give them a gift that keeps on giving all year, you can buy them an annual plan. · Publer This is a scheduling tool for all kinds of social media, and it lets you make content that will be repeated for up to six months in advance! You'll save a LOT of time.  


    At some point in their blogging careers, most bloggers will need to use stock photos.   This is a gift that every blogger will find useful.   Some membership options for stock photo sites: · Deposit Photos · Pixi Stock Photos · Stock Unlimited · Ivory Mix Photos · Haute Stock   Most of the time, you can just buy a membership and give the blogger access to it so they can download the stock photos you bought for them.  


  Source: A Self Guru   Legal pages are required for all blogs, but some bloggers can't afford THE GOOD ONES. The ones that a real lawyer has written.   Even though they aren't very expensive, they could be a surprise cost, so giving them as a gift is a great idea.   Here is the legal bundle of absolutely necessary legal pages that every blogger needs: Legal Bundle by Amira from SelfGuru.com...  


    Email marketing is an important part of being a blogger, so it's a necessary cost.   Don't be afraid to give an email service as a gift.   If the blogger you know doesn't already have an email marketing system set up, you can set one up for them using one of these platforms: · MooSend · Mailerlite · Converkit   If they are already using email marketing, you could give them a gift card or prepaid card for this cost.  


  Source: Short Pixel   This is a plugin that lets you make your blog's images work better. And everyone knows that bloggers use a ton of pictures.   Short Pixel is an important tool and a good idea for a gift. Here is where you can buy Short Pixel.  


  Source: Canon   A DSLR camera is something that almost every blogger wants. Here are a few of their favorites: · Canon Rebel T7i This is my camera, which I love. Very simple to use, even for a beginner like me! · Nikon D5600 This one is a little more expensive, but a lot of bloggers say good things about it.  


    If you don't have enough money to buy a new camera, here are some other ideas. · Lightbox · Ring Light · Photo Presets · Flatlay Backdrops · Flatlay Props A cute gift idea is a small basket with a ring light and some flatlay props in it.  


    There are so many great blog planners out there, and they are all tailored to the needs, schedules, and interests of bloggers!   Here are a few of the most popular blog planners and entrepreneur planners, but pretty much any of them would make a nice gift. · The Simplified Planner · The Happiness Planner · The Passion Planner   To be safe, you could also use an old-fashioned monthly planner like this one.  


    In the blogging world, we can't get enough cute notebooks and pencils.   I wasn't even surprised when several bloggers I polled said they wanted "more cute pencils" on their desks.   Some ideas: · Notebooks · Cute pencils · Pocket journals  


    Give that blogger a standing desk or a standing desk riser like this one to help them get up and move around.   If they use a laptop, a stand like this can help relieve neck tension and keep the screen at eye level.  


    A must-have for anyone who works from home or has trouble keeping their mind off other things. Noise-canceling headphones. Get a pair for yourself, your partner, and your fellow bloggers.   You’re welcome!  


    Most bloggers love one of these three photo editing programs: · Canva · PicMonkey · Stencil Give a month or a year's subscription to one of these photo editing services to a blogger you like.  


    If they want to record videos or podcasts, they need a good microphone. Bloggers can't live without this Blue Yeti Mic.  


  In order to reach their Pinterest marketing goals, bloggers who use Pinterest have to make a lot of "pin images."   Giving them a monthly subscription to pin templates will be a gift they will love. Here is a pin template that is very cheap.  


    You can't go wrong by giving a great new book to a business owner or a reader who can't get enough of books.   Some popular gift options: · How to Win Friends and Influence People · Year of Yes · The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People · Girl, Wash Your Face · Crushing It · Girl Boss · Chop Wood, Carry Water · You are a Badass   Add our next gift idea for bloggers to a good book, and you'll be set.  


  Source: Starbucks   Coffee. Writing blogs. What else can we say? Give some Starbucks coffee to a blogger.  


    If you know a blogger who doesn't like trendy coffee, get them an espresso machine or coffee maker for their kitchen instead.   You can find the best espresso maker for one cup right here.  


    This is one of those useful gifts that every busy person or business owner will love.   Even if you can only give them a week's worth of meals, a month's worth of meals, or a simple meal planning schedule that makes their life easier, this is a good gift.   Some great options: · RealEats · SunBasket · HelloFresh · Freshly · PlateJoy   People who blog are so busy that they often forget to eat. FEED US, PLEASE!  


  Sitting every day in front of a computer or phone is bad for your neck.   Plus points if it can be used without your hands and has a heat setting. Here, you can look at some of the best neck massagers. If you are on a tight budget, this neck massager costs less than $50 and gets good reviews.  


  The last of our useful gifts is a seat cushion to help with lower back pain from sitting too much.   Highly recommend it (even if you’re not a blogger)!   Now, let's wrap up this list of gift ideas for bloggers with some funny gifts that your goofy blogger friends will love!  


  Even though we love useful gifts, you can't go wrong with a bit of blogging humor (the kind of humor that people who don't blog just don't get).  


  There are so many cool shops that make and sell cool t-shirts for bloggers.   They make great presents and help small businesses, so it's a win-win situation.   Some fun graphic tees: · Blogging is My Cardio · I’m Totally Blogging About This! · Like, Comment, Subscribe, Share  


  You can't go wrong with a fun graphic tee or a fun coffee mug.   Here are some of our favorites: · I’d Rather be Blogging · Best Blogger Ever · Blogging Mode, On   A blogger's best friends are coffee/tea and a fun mug.  


  Travel Pouches are a great gift idea for travel bloggers.  


  These motivational pillows look great in the office or anywhere else in your home.   Give a blogger something soft, inspiring, and comfortable, and you'll be set.  


  If a blogger is working late and not getting enough sleep, it might be time to give them a personalized sleeping mask.   Put something funny or encouraging on the mask. Include some sleepytime tea or essential oils in the gift bag to send that extra important message to get more sleep.  


  We've talked to hundreds of bloggers over the years and know for sure that any of the gifts on this list will make them very happy.   I’ve got my eye on that standing desk, just in case you were wondering *wink wink*   Use this wish list to help you find the perfect gift for all of your blogger friends, whether it's for a special event or "just because."

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