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SMS Marketing can Help you Keep People from Leaving your Site when they’re About to Start

Customers now have more options than ever before, which makes it more difficult to get them to buy something from a business. As a result, more people will be leaving online sites in search of similar products with more bells and whistles or at a lower price.   The following questions will be answered in this chapter: What is "browser abandonment," and why does it matter? How can you use SMS to win back customers and get them closer to making a sale?  

Abandoning product pages is a real thing that happens

For good reason, many brands spend a lot of money trying to get people to leave their carts. Baynard Institute research says that the average abandonment rate for shopping carts is about 70%.  SMS flows for carts that have been left empty are a simple and effective way to get people to buy something by using their desire to do so. However, a lot of eCommerce businesses don't think about how important it is to spend money on ways to keep customers from leaving their site.   site sms yotpo Source: Skinfeelz

What does "browse abandonment" mean? 

Window shopping on the internet is called "browse abandonment". When a customer comes to your store, they look at one or more products, but they don't buy anything.   cancode.io gift option app ecommerce tips User experience UX Source: I Love Ugly Check out this list of what people do when they go to an eCommerce site.  

You must have a plan in place to keep them from leaving your site

With this in mind, here are some eye-opening facts:  
  • First-time online shoppers don't buy anything from an eCommerce store about 97% of the time. 
  • Most people never put anything in their shopping carts.  
  • Half of the people who go to eCommerce stores just want to look around.  
  • You're missing out on a lot of money because you don't have a plan for getting these visitors to buy.
They've given you some useful information even if they leave your site without adding anything to their cart. Using SMS to get your customers to come back is a good idea if you know what they like and what they buy.    In the past, have you ever gone into a store, found something interesting, but not bought it? A lot of people who were just looking around are likely to have this happen to them. Some of those customers may only need a friendly reminder or a little extra push to come back and buy something in the next few days. SMS Browse Abandonment Flows is a way to solve this issue.  

SMS campaigns are used to re-connect with customers

  SMS is the best way to connect with customers because it responds quickly, which keeps them interested and makes them more likely to buy.   Up to 25 times more money can be made if people open and read your texts. SMS is six to eight times more popular than email, and people use it all the time. This is a great way to get back in touch with customers.   Using SMS to get the customer to like you.     Use SMS Browse Abandonment Flows to send personalized, timely, and conversational messages to people who have left your store. These messages give them a reason to come back, either for the things they were looking at or for things that might be better for them.   Give them a discount on the product they were interested in if they buy it from you. There is a chance that a discount offer will get people to buy your products who have already left your site because of the price.   Similar products in the same field should be shown off. If a customer compares your best-selling red sweater to two other red sweaters on your website, make sure to show it off.   What is the best way to learn? People who work for you can help you make the best product suggestions if you know what they like and need.  In order to make people return, there are several ways you can do this. To come up with the best workflows, it's important to A/B test tactics and messages. Everything comes down to when you send a text. 

Make use of exit intent pop-ups to get customer information

  The customer must give you their phone number so that you can run a successful SMS abandonment plan. Pop-ups that appear when a customer is about to leave your store can be used to get their phone number.   When they're used correctly, pop-ups can be very useful. They have a bad name. Among our clients, there is a 4.78 percent average rate of people who want to sign up for pop-ups. This has led to 10 million new conversions every single day.   Customer service is the key to having a successful pop-up business plan. People can get a discount, like this:   Source: Venus   You can use messaging to stay up to date on sales and new or related products that are going on. The best way to find out which messages and offers work best for your customers is to try out a lot of them. All of the above methods can be used once you get their phone number, so don't forget about that.    


   The grass is always better on the other side when it comes to shopping. How about for less? Or do you want the package to arrive faster? People leave the store without their shopping carts.   Remember that every person who comes to your website is a source of valuable information for you to learn from. As a bonus, you can use their phone number to design unique SMS flows and incentives that will help keep people from abandoning your site and boost sales even if they don't buy anything from your site.   An organization that wants to use SMS traffic to make leads and sales can use SMSBump. It gives them the tools they need to do this at every step of the funnel. 

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