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How did Fashion Factory switch to e-commerce and grow its brand when there was a global pandemic?

How did Fashion Factory switch to e-commerce and grow its brand during a worldwide pandemic?

  When Ashley Gail, the owner of Fashion Factory, switched to E-commerce, their sales increased. They have expanded the product offerings without investing heavily in inventory.    Fashion Factory  

Fashion Factory is a clothing brand in Vancouver, Canada. It offers stylish and responsible garments for women out to make a change. 

Fashion Factory is a low-impact clothing brand that wants to make eco-friendly fashion more fun, accessible, and less polluting. It also donates a portion of sales to minority-focused and environmental organizations. 

"When the global pandemic hit, our sales dropped by half. Our supply chain is disrupted, and our stores were forced to close." - Ashley Gail, owner of Fashion Factory. 

Fashion Factory was able to change its eCommerce marketing strategy and grow its business after all of its physical stores closed. They did this by using a marketing tool with their website with the help of CanCode.io

Why Shop Pre Order Manager App of CanCode.io?


For us to really go back into business, we use a marketing tool that was easy to use and with lots of benefits. Shop Pre Order Manager App increases our sales, help us enhance brand loyalty.


Fashion Factory

Shop Pre Order Manager App help our business grow and especially the very convenient ways in using their App.



Powerful Shopify Integration


Another huge benefit of doing everything online? Their e-commerce platform, Shopify, works well with the Shop Pre Order Manager App. A big win for the brand was having a tool that could take customer data from Shopify and help them make and define their marketing strategies.


The Campaign for Pre-Order

Increase sales

Pre-orders give you an advantage because you can lock in more sales even if the product isn't ready to ship yet. You'll never have to tell a customer "no" again, because now when they're ready to buy, you're ready to sell (even if you're not ready to ship).

Start a buzz and encourage growth

Pre-ordering a product can get people excited and ready to buy it before it hits the shelves. Many of the same rules apply to successful pre-order marketing campaigns as they do to regular marketing campaigns.


Offering exclusive pre-order access to customers on your mailing list or through a member loyalty program creates buzz and increases the chances that these repeat shoppers will buy from you. It also helps build brand loyalty and shows that you value their business and know what they want to buy.



Collect Emails Your Way

Fire their FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) - Limiting your incentive with time, whether it’s a discount code or free shipping, helps you convert more prospects into customers for a few reasons.

Boost the value of their order - With cross-sell campaigns, you may increase the average order value of users who are in the decision stage of your sales funnel. If you don’t want to give your stuff away, the best incentive is free shipping, it’s also effective in cross-sell campaigns.

Ride the seasonal wave -  you must take advantage of the holidays to position your items as the best gift options available.



Advice to other eCommerce marketers?

Step up your marketing tool. Shop Pre Order Manager App helps us find new customers. Make sure to put your email capture points for newsletters and other similar things in prominent places on your website to get as many people to sign up as possible. So, if you want to improve your online business, automation is a must. You need to find a tool that will help you with the online business that you can benefit from like Shop Pre Order Manager App.


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