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Encouraged Buyers to Buy with Urgency and Exclusivity

In 1975, researchers put the same cookies in two different glass jars as part of a well-known study. There were ten cookies in one jar and two cookies in the other one, Then, the people who were there rated each cookie's worth. Subjects didn't care about which cookies were in which jar, even though they were both filled with cookies. Why? Scarcity made them think that things were less valuable. Scarcity is also a reason why people shop online. In this chapter, we'll talk about how to use scarcity, urgency, and exclusivity to get people to buy things. 

Special deals are only available for a short time

If you want to buy something for a short time, you should look for limited-time offers. This urgency makes people feel like they need to act quickly before the promotion ends.    urgency victorias secret  Source: Victoria's Secret   During certain times of the year, special deals and discounts only last for a short time. The Pumpkin Spice Latte comes from Starbucks every fall. There are also Black Friday sales and Halloween costume ideas. It makes people feel like they have to hurry because these deals have a set end date.    The following are a few other ideas for your online store:  
  • For a limited time, there will be no shipping charges for anyone who wants to buy something. 
  • Coupons and discount codes that have not been used but are no longer valid 
  • The first people who buy something get a gift.

You can use a timer to create a sense of urgency

   Source: Zara   For advertising limited-time deals, countdown timers are very effective. Customers are shown how much time they have left before they miss out on a promotion.  

Hero images and pop-ups can help you get the word out about your sales and deals

On the websites of our clients, we often change out their "hero" photos and make sure that the end date is clearly visible to everyone. Make sure that the sale information is still there for people who come to our site without seeing it in an ad. They didn't see it in an ad.  Pop-ups can also be used to advertise sales and limited-time deals. This is a common use for them. As an example, we recently used this strategy to promote a sale for a personal care brand. We put up one pop-up for subscribers and another for people who weren't subscribers, telling them about the sale and encouraging them to sign up for more deals in the future. As a result of this strategy, more money was made and more people signed up for future sales campaigns.   cancode.io gift option app ecommerce tips User experience UX  Source: Paint Your Life  

With the right words, you can sell more

During the three-step Abandoned Cart flow, we use urgency-inducing language to make the customer feel like they need to act quickly. We start by asking if they're missing anything, then tell them not to. Finally, if this doesn't bring in any new customers, a 10% discount code is offered as a last-ditch plan. To make people convert faster, these codes always have a time limit. This makes them more persuasive.   cancode.io gift option app ecommerce tips User experience UX   They aren't just trying to make people afraid of missing out, or FOMO, by giving them limited-time deals. They can also be used to make people want to learn more and be excited. When McDonald's says that the McRib is coming back for a short time, you can see the excitement in the fans' faces. There is a lot of buzz about this event, which leads to more people talking about it in the media.  

Few spots are available for exclusivity

The jar with two cookies was more appealing than the one with ten cookies. The idea was that there were more than two and that they were running out because they were better than the other option.   When there is a limited amount of something, it can be more powerful than time. You might not be able to get a deal or a free gift because the time is so short. If you decide to buy the product later, it will still be there for you. Because there is a limited amount, it may be gone for good when it runs out. Clients think your product is worth more when they know there is little of it left, as the cookies.  Promotion of limited availability can be done in a number of ways, such as:  
  • Putting an "only x more in stock" notice on the product page. 
  • It has been added to the shopping cart area with a low stock alert. 
  • Those customers who haven't checked out yet will get an email or text message about low stock. 
  • Using Facebook and Google to show ads with the product and a message about low stock when people look at them again.
In some cases, you can make a limited number of a product available with words like "only x left!" It makes customers feel like they belong to a special group when they know there is only so much of what they want.   

Use the "early access" message to make it seem like the sale is more exclusive 

To make people feel like they're the only ones who know about a deal, loyal customers can get it before the rest of the public does.  Segmentation is used all the time to send exclusives to our most interested customers through pop-ups, email, and text messages. Customers are divided into three groups based on their buying habits over the last year. In order of importance, first-tier members get the best seats. Second-tier members get the next best seats. Only then do other people find out. By highlighting the limited amount that will be available to everyone, this early access messaging encourages people to buy quickly. 

The use of social media can make people afraid of missing out (FOMO)

Every time we use social media, we feel bad about not being able to join in on the fun. Our sister is having a baby, our high school's most famous alum is going on a trip, or a star appearance is going to be canceled soon. No one wants to miss these events. These are ideal conditions for making a company's products seem like they're going to die.   cancode.io gift option app ecommerce tips User experience UX It's important to show off your customers on social media to make them feel special. As soon as your customers buy something from you, make a hashtag that they can use when they post pictures of it on social media. They'll be in a special club, and your other fans will want to join as well. 


The fear of missing out (FOMO) of your customers will help you close more deals. If you can make your customers feel like they need to buy your products now, they will think more highly of them. Like the cookie.

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