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With Real Customer Reviews, you can Build Trust in your Brand

It's well-known that customer reviews are critical to the success of an e-commerce company. More than nine-tenths of shoppers will pass over a product without any customer feedback. When it comes to attracting customers, it's crucial to know how to collect and use customer evaluations in a way that actually works.

Throughout this chapter, we'll explain how to make use of this tremendous social proof in order to increase brand trust and more crucially, increase conversions.

What is the significance of genuine customer reviews?


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An important caution to using customer reviews is that they must be genuine in order to be of any value. It's not hard for consumers to tell a false review from a real one. Moreover, if all the reviews on a product are 5-stars, they become suspect.

While brands may be tempted to post just the greatest ratings, doing so might have negative consequences for both the brand and the customer. Using both positive and negative evaluations, as well as those that fall somewhere in the middle, may help your brand improve the customer experience and build customer loyalty.

There should be no cover-up of bad reviews

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There are a number of reasons why you should post bad reviews, such as:

• Good business sense dictates that you don't want to deceive your clients. Transparency will help you gain trust by displaying your unfavorable reviews.

• Customers are eager to read them: According to HubSpot, customers are more likely to read poor reviews than positive ones. Why? Reading unfavorable reviews helps customers learn more about the goods, delivery regulations, and overall shopping experience than they can learn from your product page alone.

• A greater number of evaluations is always preferable: More reviews not only help your SEO, but they can also increase your conversion rate. Having ten reviews on a single product can raise conversion rates by 53% while having 100 reviews can increase CVR by more than 2x.

• Customers are more likely to believe the positive reviews if your product has received primarily positive feedback with a few unfavorable ones thrown in. Consumers are more likely to believe reviews if they see a mix of positive and negative feedback, according to a Harvard Business School study. 95% of people think the reviews are phony or filtered by the firm if they are all good.

• When shoppers aren't sure what size to buy, unfavorable reviews can be helpful. When a client complains about sizing in a product review, it can lead to another person purchasing the proper size the first time around. Positive evaluations can inspire customers to find a product that better meets their needs in your store.

You don't have to publish reviews that are rude and abusive just because you want to maintain the authenticity of your product's reviews. A more trustworthy brand is one that is open and honest with its customers about its unfavorable reviews and responds to those criticisms openly.

How to get the proper kind of feedback

In a highly competitive market, eCommerce is even more so as brick-and-mortar firms begin to move their operations online. Through the true and honest voices of satisfied consumers, you can make your brand and products stand out. Is it possible to entice people into leaving just positive feedback?

Allow me to define what I mean by "correct" reviews. Let's start with that. Our focus isn't always on an overwhelmingly positive reaction to our product. What we're looking for here are well-written product reviews that provide useful information to other customers.

The right reviews are ones that are:

• Informative
• Specific to the product features
• For the benefit of other customers

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Even better, the vast majority of consumers are eager to leave feedback. As a brand, all you need to do is make it simple for your customers. Here are a few ideas for getting your consumers to provide you with feedback.

Ask customers to leave a review

Some companies forget this step, thinking customers would return once they've had a chance to use the product they purchased and submit a review. (SPOILER ALERT! This isn't the case). Send an email to the consumer once they've received the product and encourage them to provide a review.

Take advantage of a responsive design for reviews

It's more probable that your consumers will post a review if you ask them to do so. When they're waiting in line at the supermarket or working at their workplace, they may be tempted to do so. Assuring a mobile-friendly experience will make it easier for customers to post a review on any platform or device.

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What does the term "mobile-friendly" mean in terms of customer reviews? It's best to keep things simple. They shouldn't have to sign in or go through many screens. Keep the scrolling to a minimum and make the process as simple as feasible.

When is the ideal moment to seek reviews?

During the lunch hour, when most workers are returning to their desks to catch up on email, response rates to reviews spike by roughly 20%. Even so, it doesn't mean that you have to commit to a precise date and time.

Stay-at-home parents, for example, have a different workday schedule than those who work in an office. The timing of your messages should be tested to find out which time works best for your customers, and you should consider who they are and when their windows of opportunity are.

Requests for reviews should be more precise

Customers will find it more helpful if the reviews are as descriptive as possible. Asking clients specific questions instead of an open-ended review request will assist you in obtaining better-quality reviews.

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The ideal marketing tool for your company is to have high-quality, thorough product reviews on your website. In addition to providing social proof, the data may persuade customers who are still on the fence to make a purchase.

Encouraging the use of photographs and video

Shoppers will be able to observe how other consumers utilize and enjoy your products if you include visual user-generated content (UGC). For example, you can reward consumers who provide visual evaluations with a discount on future purchases, loyalty points, or other benefits. Getting customers to buy your product is going to be much easier if you can assist them to imagine how it will fit into their daily lives. You can find out more about visual user-generated content in our chapter on social proof.

By providing helpful and relevant reviews, you can help buyers make more informed purchasing decisions.


Consumers are more likely to make a purchase after reading a positive review from a previous customer. So that they can market for you, make sure you're taking advantage of theirs to the fullest.


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