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Create the perfect product page an intro to the essential elements

You'll learn about everything from optimizing for mobile shopping to producing excellent product images to the benefits of chatbots and flexible payment options in this comprehensive tutorial on eCommerce PDPs.     When it comes to developing product pages that convert, we'll cover the fundamentals in this first chapter: how to plan your product pages, what must be included, and some examples of brands who are doing it well.   

Your product page must have the following characteristics to be a success:  

  Your product pages will determine whether or not a potential customer will leave your site. And the majority of companies pay them too little attention.     Your eCommerce site's homepage should be appealing and easy to use, but will that be the page on which the majority of your site's visitors first arrive? No, I doubt it. There is a good chance that people are searching for a specific item, such as "red v-neck dress" or "waterproof watches for men."    While a poor conversion rate can sometimes indicate a subpar product, it's more likely that a client isn't persuaded to make a purchase because the product page lacked the information necessary to convince them to do so.  Your product pages must do three things: 
  1. You need to give your customers as much information as possible about your goods. 
  1. Promote your online store as a safe place to make purchases. 
  1. Encourage the consumer to purchase your product. 
  It's a lot to ask of one page, and it is. You can, however, generate high-quality customer experiences that lead to sales with a little planning and effort. 

Your eCommerce product pages should have these essential aspects.  

As soon as you've decided on your product page's layout, you'll need a strategy in place before you can begin designing or developing it. It is important that each element has a certain purpose, provides a specific piece of vital information, and contributes to the buyer's journey progression.     These elements, along with some recommendations for how to implement them, should be included on all product pages, regardless of industry.   

A clear call to action.  

The ultimate purpose of your product page is to entice a visitor to add the item to their shopping basket. What you need here is a powerful call to action. Make sure the button is placed prominently on the top half of the page, that the color stands out, and that the messaging is clear about the next step. "order," "purchase," or "obtain" are the most common action words used in strong CTAs, and they're usually just two or three words long.     Instead of using generic CTAs like "Buy Now" or "Add to Cart,", customers respond better to CTAs that are tailored to their individual needs. The key, though, is to explore and test to get the finest possible version for your company.       

Product photography 

The only way you can engage with your clients' senses is through photos and virtual experiences because they can't physically hold, touch, or try on your goods.     Towards the end of the tutorial, we'll go into further detail about how to take product shots, including advanced options like augmented reality (which Shopify listed as a key trend in 2021). Customers should be able to zoom in on product features, and you should include a variety of angles that will help sell your goods at the very least. For example, a client purchasing food from a well-known brand might wish to see the nutritional information on the rear of the packaging.     Customers may get a sense of what the product will appear like in real life by looking through product images, which include close-ups of the product as well as lifestyle shots. 

Product options 

Color, size, and flavor options may be available for your product. Customers should be able to view what each option looks like, if necessary. People will want to see a sweater in the shade they're interested in, so they can make a decision about whether or not they like it. 

Product description 

Many brands ignore the critical role that product descriptions play in their marketing efforts. This is where you include all of your product's keywords and boast about its benefits. Is it made in America? Is it a long-term solution? Is it machine washable and wrinkle-resistant? All of these elements can aid in the sale of your goods to your intended market. 

Shipping and refund policy 

Cart abandonment might occur if your shipping and refund policies are located later in the checkout process. Consumers may make an informed choice and avoid unpleasant surprises by knowing your policies up front.     Shipping information is prominently displayed at the top of the product page at Activbody. Customers can expect free shipping, however they should be aware that COVID-19 may cause shipping delays. If you're looking for it elsewhere, there's also a link to find it on other eCommerce sites or in a brick and mortar store. 

Social proof 

We'll go into more detail about increasing conversions and establishing customer confidence in your brand later on in this book. Photos and videos of clients using your items are even better if you can add visual user-generated material like these examples: 

Mobile responsiveness and mobile-first design 

We'll go into more detail about increasing conversions and establishing customer confidence in your brand later on in this book. Photos and videos of clients using your items are even better if you can add visual user-generated material like these examples: 

Breadcrumb navigation 

A broken user experience can be avoided by using breadcrumb navigation, which allows users to effortlessly move to other areas of interest, hence increasing time spent on the site and lowering bounce rates. All things considered, the more time spent on a website increases the likelihood of a user converting.    For product pages, these are only the fundamentals to get you started. Throughout the rest of this article, we'll be focusing on how to make your product pages stand out with features like chatbots, 360 degree and 3D pictures, split payments and more. 

For product pages, these are the best practices.  

  You need to think about the layout of your page when you think about how it should look. The most important parts should be above the "fold," or on a mobile device, on one screen. As high on the page as possible, put this: 
  • Call-to-action: Y It's important that the "buy" or "add to cart" button is easy to find. 
  • Product photos and product options: At the top of the product page, you should be able to see all of the photos and options for the item you want to buy. On a smartphone, it's a good idea to make them easy to swipe so that you can easily get around. 
  • Product description: You don't have to show the whole description above the fold. A short description at the top with the most important information about the product, and a longer description below the fold, will make sure that customers can get the information they need to buy. 
  • Breadcrumbs: So if people don't find what they want on the page they're on, it's easy to get around to other product pages. 
Depending on the size of your screen, this information can go below the "fold." Customer reviews can also go in this area. It's a good idea to put aggregated star ratings at the top so people can see right away if your product is popular. 


There are some basic things you need to know about product pages. It's time to take your product pages to the next level. There are more advanced strategies in the next chapter that will help you with everything from truly bringing your products to life to building customer trust. This guide will show you how to make product pages that sell, how to build a customer base, how to grow your store's traffic, and how to make more money.   

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