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Build Up Email Completely with Shop Pre Order Manager App

These are the ways how Shop Pre Order Manager App collects emails:


Claim your mystery offer before it disappears 

The company publicly reveals what's waiting for you inside with this subject line, yet they keep the offer a secret.    email  

Run a giveaway for upcoming products

Giveaways attract attention, help capture leads, and boost sales. To make the most of a giveaway, you can run an entire campaign around an upcoming product line.    Run a giveaway for upcoming products  

Offer Gift Certificates to your visitors

Are you having a down season in terms of sales? Then why not offer gift certificates to your customers to make more sales.   Offer Gift Certificates to your visitors  

Fire their FOMO 

Limiting your incentive with time, whether it’s a discount code or free shipping, helps you convert more prospects into customers for a few reasons. If you are holding a limited-time sales campaign, you will want to get the word out to as many people as possible. By telling your site visitors about time-sensitive deals, you can achieve this goal with on-site communications.     

Boost the value of their order

You have probably heard of the following: You want to sell more while your visitor’s attention is drawn to you, but you don’t want to scare them away by seeming overly sales. With cross-sell campaigns, you may increase the average order value of users who are in the decision stage of your sales funnel. If you don’t want to give your stuff away, the best incentive is free shipping, it’s also effective in cross-sell campaigns.     

Ride the seasonal wave

It is not every day that you come upon an opportunity to market your items without sounding pushy. That is why you must take advantage of the holidays to position your items as the best gift options available. While it can be challenging to capture your prospects' attention during the holidays like Christmas or Black Friday, not all holidays are as hectic.      

Email me when available


Nudge visitors with a special offer

Want a customer to "Pay later" for your pre-order product, or create a waiting list on your pre-order product? You can create a campaign called "Email me when available". Or, instead of asking new visitors to buy this early into the buyer's journey, you should ask them for a smaller commitment - like giving them their email address in exchange for a discount code.     

Offer incentives

One of the best ways to encourage consumers to opt-in to your email list is to offer an incentive for signing up. Make it clear what consumers are subscribing to when they enter their email and receive their incentives.     

Use relevant language

The email opt-in form uses fun language to encourage their website visitors to subscribe. Rather than a long, boring block of text, let customers know they can get information about menu items and awesome stuff, which will pique any consumer’s interest.     

Create a sense of belonging

Another way to provide informed consent about your email newsletter while still encouraging you to subscribe is by creating a sense of belonging in your opt-in forms. This type-in opt-in form can make consumers feel like are valued and part of something bigger.    

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