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Answer 6 Questions on the “About” Page of an Online Store

There needs to be an "about" page on every site. This is where people can meet the company and find out what it does. A page about the company builds trust.   A good "about" page is made up of more than just a few sentences. It should have pictures, videos, and credentials like experience, background, and schooling. Even though the page may not get a lot of traffic, the people who look at it are looking for answers.  

Answer 6 Questions


Who are you?

  Shoppers want to know who they are helping when they buy something. Is it one of the Fortune 500 or a small company? Adding information about where the store helps make it stand out, especially for stores in smaller towns.   About Manitobah Source: Manitobah  

Why are you in business?

  Some companies want to meet a certain need, while others want to offer items at lower prices. If you created custom products as part of a mission, explain that, too.   Partake Source: Partake  

Who am I supporting?

  No e-commerce site should have stock photos of customer service agents. They lack personality. Shoppers have probably seen that same agent "working" for a lot of different companies. Instead, show how your store helps real people and families by including pictures of everyone who works there, from the top to the bottom.   Use photos of real workspaces so that they don't look like stock photos.   Naja Source: Naja  

What causes do you support?

  People like to know how the money they spend helps other people. Some people are more likely to spend more with a business if it gives money to good causes. If you're allowed to, make sure to add logos and links to the websites of the groups you're supporting.   BLK & BOLD Source: Blk & Bold  

How do you conduct business?

  This is where you show that you are trustworthy and honest. Describe the company's goals and its promise to give customers an experience that means something to them.   Cheekbone Beauty Source: Cheekbone Beauty  

Have you received awards or recognition?

  Be sure to list awards and honors. If you can, add official logos or digital certificates.   Focus on important steps, goals, and the people behind the scenes when you answer questions.   Izzy Wheels Source: Izzy  

What to Include?


Personal stories.

  Many companies were started to solve a problem or get around it. For example, Two Blind Brothers were made to help find a cure for blindness, and all of its profits go to that cause. In a video, the company's founders tell their story and explain what the company wants to do.  

Team member spotlights.

  Shoppers are interested in who runs a business. But they also want to help a business whose employees are treated like family. The about page is a good place to show off the people who make everything work, from customer service agents to warehouse workers.   The electronics store Crutchfield shows pictures and videos of its employees, who are "real people." Most of the time, it's the employees who explain what the company is all about, not the executives.  

Company timeline.

  A graphic timeline of important events shows that the business has been around for a long time and is trustworthy. Keep the main points short and to the point, but think about adding more information in a link or a "hover-over" display. The same is true for pictures.  

No Hype

  On the about page, you can talk about your business, but it's also a place to connect with shoppers. Add some color and personality to this important page so that it feels like a part of the shopping experience and not an afterthought. You shouldn't try to sell something on the "About" page. If you connect with visitors, the site's navigation will take care of the rest.

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