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50 Ideas for Online Businesses: Products You Can Sell Online

Looking for ways to make money online and things you can sell online? You're in the right spot. We keep an ear to the ground when it comes to eCommerce, so we know what's selling well online and what kinds of products are on the rise right now.  This list has some great online business ideas, both ones that don't require a lot of money to start and ones that you can run from home. Even if you're just looking for the best online businesses to start this year or online business ideas for students, you'll find some great ideas that you can turn into successful online businesses.  This post will give you a lot of great ideas for online businesses. Want to know 50 great ideas for online businesses you can start selling right now? Let's jump into it.   

Planners & Journals

    Planners, journals, and notebooks are some of the products you can sell online this year. People start looking for planners for the next year around July, which is when this product tends to do the best. There are a lot of different kinds of products you can make in this niche. For example, you could make a gratitude journal or a work planner.  


    When it comes to fragrance products, North America is the biggest market in the world. In 2021, the global fragrance market was worth 33.5 billion dollars, and by 2027, it is expected to be worth over 47.6 billion dollars (Source). With more and more small brands making their own fragrances, this is no longer a product that only celebrities and big brands can make. Anyone with the right knowledge can make their own fragrances.  If you're looking for a product idea in the personal care industry, you could make perfumes, colognes, home fragrances, or even hair fragrances (yes, that's a thing). Just be aware that shipping some fragrances, like perfumes and colognes, can be difficult because they may not be able to ship by air. If you want to sell to people all over the world, you should do your research to make sure you can ship everywhere.  

Niche Food & Beverage Products

    You can make and sell your own food and drinks, whether it's your famous hot sauce recipe or grandma's favorite cake recipe. Find a food manufacturer who can make your custom products into items that can be sold, or buy food and drinks from wholesalers and private labelers. With this home business idea, you can do business anywhere.  

Sustainable & Earth-Friendly Products

    Sustainability is a big topic right now, and people are looking for products that will help them live in a way that is better for the environment. Whether it's reusable bags, straws that aren't made of plastic, biodegradable single-use coffee cups, or even beeswax "plastic" wrap, people are willing to try new and innovative products that will help them live more sustainably. Think about all the things you use every day that aren't sustainable or reusable, and figure out how to make something similar that is. Not only can you make money with eco-friendly online business ideas, but you can also feel good about helping a good cause.  

Sunglasses & Glasses

    Sunglasses are the kind of product ideas that are easy to find and don't cost much. They're also small, so shipping costs will be lower. They are also easy to brand, which makes them a great choice for people who want to start their own businesses. With this business idea, you don't have to start from scratch. Instead, you can use the technology that already exists for sunglasses and glasses to make cool frame designs that your target market will like. Sunglasses are a good seasonal niche product for an online business because they are often bought in the spring and summer. Many stores that sell sunglasses also sell other accessories or winter-themed items so that they can make money all year long. Don't forget that you can always start with just one product and add more as your business grows.  

Haircare Products

    Haircare is a growing area of personal care because people are becoming more aware of the products they use and the ingredients they contain. There are so many different consumer niches in the haircare industry, such as people with color-treated hair, curly hair, thin hair, or who are dealing with hair loss, that you can choose a niche and make hair care products just for that niche if you're looking for online business ideas in the hair industry.  

Protein Bars & Energy Bars

    Protein bars and energy bars are two online business ideas that have been getting more and more popular for years. People usually put the most money into their health and fitness around the new year. Google Trends shows that they are still popular for almost the whole year, except for December. You could make sugar-free protein bars, diet-based bars like keto, paleo, or gluten-free bars, or bars that taste like people's favorite snacks, like cookies and cream.  


    You can sell so many different kinds of home goods online, like pillows, towels, sheets, blankets, throws, vases, lamps, dishes, furniture, tiles, and so on. So, if you want to start an online business from home, you don't need to look any further. You can make your own home goods, find suppliers who sell in bulk, or even drop ship some home goods!  

Fake Flowers

    Local flower shops usually sell online, but you could also sell fake flowers as an online business idea. You can sell silk, plastic, or fabric flowers, but it's up to you if you want to. 2022 is expected to be the "biggest year in the wedding industry," so you might want to make wedding bouquets or centerpieces. You can also choose to sell things, like fake flower petals, which you could sell for Valentine's Day, anniversaries, or special occasions like weddings or proposals. You can grow your business selling fake flowers by selling do-it-yourself items, arts and crafts supplies, or wedding accessories. There are no limits to what could happen.  

Everyday Carry Products & Small Leather Goods

    Every-day carry (EDC) products and small leather goods (SLGs) are small items that you carry with you every day but don't think much about, but are actually very useful. Think about wallets, keychains, laptop bags, pocket knives, bottle openers, money clips, etc. People are very passionate about these products, and they are willing to spend a lot of money on high-quality, beautiful, and well-designed versions of them.  

Phone Cases

    Phone cases are a good investment for an online business because they don't cost much to make and sell for a good price. You can sell phone cases in many ways, such as by making custom designs or reselling popular designs through dropshipping. You can use Spocket to sell drop-shipped phone cases, or you can use Printful to make your own. These small items are easy to ship, so you can start selling them right away.  

Pet Products & Accessories

    People spend a lot of money on their pets, and there are a lot of different pet products you can sell online. Whether you want to design your own pet products like our readers Tuft & Paw do (check out our case study on Tuft & Paw to learn more about their pet product business), make pet accessories like collars and leashes, or even get into the pet food business, there are a lot of different pet product online business ideas out there. Think about what your pet needs and uses, or what products would make your life easier as a pet owner. In the last few years, 3.2 million pets have been bought, so this online business idea is a good one.  

Books & Stationery

    Even though the Internet has had a small effect on the book and stationery industries, people still like to read physical books and write things down on paper. If you love books or office supplies, you can make your own products or find wholesale or dropshipping products in these industries.  

Art, Prints & Posters

    Art is a popular idea for an online business. Home decor is becoming more popular as more people put money into making changes to their homes. Art is one of the best-selling items in the home decor market. You can sell wall art on a site like Gooten by using your own photos or stock photos. The site will also ship your art directly to your customers. You can start an online art business if you are a graphic designer or a photographer, or if you know where to find great designs or photos.  


    Your artwork can be printed not only on canvases or posters but also on fabrics. This is a pretty specific business idea, but there are people who want to buy fabric to make clothes, home goods, or anything else that needs fabric. Do your research and see if there's a market for your designs in the world of fabric.  

Fitness Products

    Right now, the fitness industry is booming, and people are looking for fitness products to meet their needs. Products like fitness bands, mats, gloves, towels, water bottles, running shoes, gym bags, athletic gear, etc. are all in demand right now, and you can make, wholesale, or drop ship them. Most fitness products are bought in January when people make New Year's resolutions to improve their health. You can work with fitness bloggers, fitness influencers, and other fitness fans to get the word out about your products.  

Camping, Outdoor, & Safety Gear

    There is a steady market for camping gear, outdoor products, and safety gear, so if that's a niche market you're interested in, find online business ideas based on what you would want to see. In this niche, you can sell online things like tents, sleeping bags, portable solar panels, outdoor cooking tools, camping clothes, outdoor shoes, first-aid kits, and more.  


    If you want to find a popular online business idea, it's easiest to look at what celebrities and influential people sell. Many famous people have started their own makeup lines. Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian, Rihanna, and a lot of other well-known YouTubers have their own lines. Even though there is a lot of competition in the makeup business, there is also a big market. From $483 billion in 2020, the makeup industry is expected to be worth $716 billion in 2025.  


    Clothing has always been a popular business idea, and it's not going anywhere soon. You can make your own clothes or put together a collection of clothes from different wholesalers to start your own online boutique. You can also dropship clothes (and other things, like t-shirts, leggings, dresses, shorts, and swimwear) from companies like Printful.  


    Crystals are a very popular product right now, but most people want them for their healing properties or to decorate their homes. One business idea is to sell crystals in their natural form. Another is to think of ways to use crystals in other products or accessories.  

Personalized Products

    People love personalized products, and right now, people want to put their names on everything from water bottles to pens to holiday decorations like ornaments and stockings. Think about the products that people in your target market would love to have personalized, and find a way to make that happen for them.  


    Starting a jewelry business can be very profitable, and you have a lot of freedom to make the products you want to see in the world. Either make the jewelry items yourself, buy them in bulk, or work with a manufacturer to have them made in your own designs.  


    Skincare is a big business, and niche skincare brands that meet consumer needs have a lot of potentials to build a loyal fan base. You can get skin care products through manufacturing, private labeling, and wholesaling. However, if you want to make your own skincare products, make sure to research and understand the laws and regulations in your area and around the world so you can meet all the requirements. Shipping skincare products can also have its own rules and regulations, so be sure to look into that as well.  


    Sara Blakely just became a billionaire when she sold most of her shapewear company. Recently, Kim Kardashian also started a brand of shapewear called SKIMS. Shapewear has been popular for a few years, which makes it a good investment for anyone who wants to help women show off their shapes.  


    Another steady online business idea that won't go anywhere is to start a shoe brand if you have designs for shoes that your target market will like. You can work with a manufacturer to make your own versions of different kinds of shoes, or you can buy shoes from wholesalers or even dropshippers to sell directly to your customers.  

Hair Extensions

  A popular hair accessory, hair extensions make your hair look longer and fuller. This idea for an online business has high-profit margins, so you can make a lot of money from it. You can get the word out about this online business idea by making YouTube videos with hair tutorials, selling your brand to local salons, or teaming up with social media influencers who will tell their followers about your hair extensions.  

Board Games & Card Games

  There are a lot of board game fans out there, and the great thing is that almost everyone has room for one or two more games in their collection. A good business idea is to take the time to make a board game that appeals to a niche or target market.  


  Ahrefs says that the term "cardboard" is searched for about 229,000 times each month around the world. With eCommerce sales going up a lot and likely to go up even more in the coming years, product packaging sales will also go up. If you want to get in on the eCommerce trend, selling cardboard boxes can be a very profitable business. Cardboard can be used for more than just online shopping. It can also be used to pack boxes when people move or store things.  


  This is another home business idea that is becoming more and more popular as time goes on. However, you can still break through and become a top player in this industry if you listen to your target audience and make the kinds of watches they want. Think about what your niche audience wants from their watches and make watches that give them what they want.  


  Swimwear is a steady market that could be "niched down" to reach specific groups of customers. If you want to make swimwear, think about how the designs, fabrics, looks, and functions of your swimwear can be made to appeal to different types of consumers. Since the swimwear market is very crowded, narrowing your focus will help you stand out and stay in business. You can sell products all year long if you add winter accessories to this seasonal item. You can also make a store with a beach theme, with a focus on accessories, clothing, or the beach. This gives you more ways to make money with your store.  

Snacks & Candy

  We don't have to tell you that people like to snack. In the food industry, new snacks and candy are always welcome. Snacks that fit with dietary preferences or restrictions have the potential to gain a strong following. Also, think about whether your snacks or sweets could be made with local ingredients to make them more popular in your area.  

Cleaning Products

  Cleaning products are becoming more popular all over the world. To keep up with consumer demand, this market needs new and different products. Pay attention to what people want from cleaning products and look at cleaning products and trends in other parts of the world to see if you can bring those product ideas or trends to your area. This industry has a lot of potentials, and if it's something you're interested in, there are a lot of online business ideas you can start here.  

Home Improvement

  Both sales of homes and renovations keep going up. A good online business idea for 2022 is to sell home improvements. You can sell popular things like wood, drywall, doorknobs, light switches, floorboards, tiles, and much more.  

Kids Toys

  Toys will always be a good idea for an online business. During the holiday shopping season, November and December, people are most likely to look for toys. But there are always new toys, like slime, that become popular on TikTok and Instagram. Many parents buy toys for their kids based on how old they are. This means that your toy store can be set up for different age groups. Using influencers or viral content to spread the word about your toys can help you make the most of the holiday sales rush.  


  Starting a t-shirt business is a great way to get started in eCommerce and learn the ropes. This is how many entrepreneurs started their first online businesses. It's a pretty crowded market, so to stand out, you'll need a really passionate fan base or really unique designs.  

Handbags, Bags & Backpacks

  This is another stable market that has a lot of room for new designs and products. Also, these products can be changed in many ways to make them better for different types of users, so keep that in mind if you make or sell your own handbags, bags, or backpacks.  

Tools, Automotive Parts & Accessories

  You can sell things like hammers, nails, and screwdrivers for the house, as well as parts and accessories for cars. If you or your audience are interested in this industry, you can either work with manufacturers to make your own unique or easy-to-use products or use wholesalers to find these kinds of products.  


  Socks are another steady market that can be made to fit so many different consumer niches. If you have interesting artwork or new designs for socks, you'll be well on your way to competing in this crowded market. Most of the time, these warm accessories are sold in November and December. They make great stocking stuffers (pun intended). Because they are small and don't cost much to make, this can be a good business to run from home.  

Digital Products

  Digital products are one of the things you can sell online as a business idea. This can come in the form of ebooks, teacher resources, budget spreadsheets, online courses, stock photos, graphic designs, and so much more. Digital products usually cost you your time instead of money, which lets you make more money.  

Gardening & Outdoor Products & Accessories

  You can sell all kinds of gardening and outdoor items online, like plant pots, gloves, watering cans, hammocks, umbrellas, chairs, and so on. So, if you want to sell seasonal products to people who love plants or the outdoors, this could be a niche market to look into.  

Gift Wrapping

  This might be a niche product idea that doesn't get much attention, but it's no secret that gift wrapping is a big business and that people pay money for wrapping that they like. Think about your audience and what they like in terms of style, such as bold colors, sleek designs, neutrals, patterns, etc., and make gift-wrapping products that they'll love.  

Holiday Decorations

  If you live in the suburbs, you might notice that your neighbors decorate the outside of their homes for Halloween and Christmas. A great idea for an online business is to sell holiday decorations like lawn stakes, lights, inflatables, or even indoor decorations like Christmas trees.  

Luggage & Suitcases

  Since Away suitcases have been such a big hit, this business idea had to be on this list. People want to travel in style, so making luggage that is useful and meets people's needs is a good business to get into right now. Think about how you can improve the luggage market to make it easier for people to travel.  

Non-Alcoholic Beverages

  Right now, the market for non-alcoholic drinks is on the rise. More and more people want to drink less or no alcohol, so non-alcoholic drinks like alcohol-free beer, wine, and cocktails are becoming more popular. From a business point of view, this is good news because selling and shipping non-alcoholic drinks is likely to have much less red tape than selling and shipping alcoholic drinks. This makes it easier for you to do business.  

Organizational Products

  As people move toward minimalism and try to get their homes more organized, products that help them do that are in high demand. Organizational products, such as drawer organizers, cabinet organizers, organizational systems, desk organizers, standing organizers, stacking boxes, etc., are used by consumers to clear out clutter and make their spaces more useful.  


  Belts are a good product idea that has stood the test of time. If you're interested in the accessories market, you could sell belts as a business. It's a crowded market, so you'll need to make a product that stands out in people's minds. If you can make a unique, high-quality, or useful belt, you might be able to compete with the other brands.  


  Hats are a tried-and-true fashion accessory, and there are so many different kinds — beanies, toques, fedoras, ballcaps, bucket hats, etc. — that there's a hat for every niche. Work with manufacturers to make your own hat designs from scratch, or find wholesalers or dropshippers to get hats for your online hat business.  

Greeting Cards

  This is another big industry that doesn't get enough attention, and if you're an artist or graphic designer, it's a great business to get into. Make your own greeting cards with a printing company or have a local printer do it for you so you can start selling them online. You can sell many different kinds of cards, from birthday cards to holiday cards. You can also sell inspirational cards, which are very popular.  

Beach Products

  In many parts of the world where it doesn't stay sunny and warm all year, this is a seasonal business. If you want to sell beach products online, you should think about the seasonality swings you may face. If you plan well, you may be able to deal with seasonality better when selling globally, but it's still something you should think about. As for ideas for beach products, think about beach towels, beach games, umbrellas, beach toys for kids, tents that block the sun, and so on.  

Ties, Bowties & Pocket Squares

  Tie, bowtie, and pocket square ideas are all part of a saturated market, but if you create the right designs for your niche or come up with new ideas, you could stand out in the market. You can work with a manufacturer to make your own ties, bowties, and pocket squares from scratch, or you can buy them from wholesalers or dropshippers and sell them straight to your customers.  

Niche Subscription Boxes

  Subscription boxes can be very profitable because people sign up for them and pay a monthly or quarterly fee to get them. If you can come up with a theme for your boxes and choose the products to put in them, you have a great chance of building a business. We recommend that you choose a niche theme for your subscription boxes so that you can stand out from all the other subscription boxes on the market and build a loyal following of customers who are interested in that theme. Meal delivery kits are another popular product for subscription boxes, especially for people on special diets like keto, paleo, and more.  


  Stickers are definitely a niche product, but there is a passionate market of sticker fans who use them to decorate their stationery or for teachers who use them for their students. There is even a growing market of "stickers for adults" that say funny things or reference pop-culture memes. Sticker sales have a lot of potentials, so if you're interested, you should look into it.  

Start a Marketplace

  Making an online marketplace where sellers and buyers can meet to buy and sell goods is another online business idea that works in many different fields. If you don't know what a marketplace is or how it works, check out our blog post on "How to Start an Online Marketplace" for more information. Etsy and Amazon are two popular marketplaces. Digital products can also be sold on online marketplaces like Creative Market and Filtergrade (see our Filtergrade Case Study here to learn more about how it was founded). If you don't want to sell products yourself, you can always set up an online market where other people can sell their products and you can get a cut of each sale.  


  Here are 50 ideas for online businesses that can help you sell things. If this gave you the push you needed to start your online business, check out our blog post "Online Store Set Up" and our "Launch Checklist" to find out what you need to do next to get your store up and running.

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