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50+ Best Products to Sell in 2022

There are some new products and some old favorites that are going to be popular in 2022. If you want to start an online store with Printful or Spocket, this list has a lot of items that are popular right now that you can sell. There's a chance that these products won't be popular for long, so check out our suggestions and move quickly. You can put your product or idea for a niche market through our Instant Product Evaluator to find out more about its pros and cons by comparing it to 18 important criteria.   Not all of the products on this page that are popular are ones that you should sell online. Before deciding to sell a certain product, you should carefully think about all the information you have and do your own research.  

The Top Products and Niche Markets for 2022 



  Products 2022   "Sober curious" is a new term for adults who are looking for non-alcoholic drinks to replace or add to the alcohol they usually drink. People usually choose this way of life for personal reasons, fitness, and health goals, or because they are worried about how binge drinking can hurt their health.    Because of this, people are looking for alcohol-free drinks that are interesting, tasty, well-branded, and a step up from soda, water, and cordial. Even though some people choose not to drink alcohol, that doesn't mean they aren't interested in new and interesting ways to mix drinks.    This is why more and more brands are making cocktails and spirit substitutes that don't have alcohol.    If you're a new e-commerce business looking for something exciting to do, check out this CNBC article, which says that "people are paying top dollar for cocktails with no alcohol in them."    You could sell non-alcoholic drinks online, but you could also sell trendy items like cocktail shakers, glassware, and straws that are better for the environment.   


  NuLeaf Source: CBD   If you want to start a business online, you could sell CBD tea, gummies, oil, and other things.    There has been a lot of research into how CBD products can help people with anxiety, chronic pain, and sleep problems, so it's no surprise that people are becoming more interested in CBD and doing more Google searches for it. There are currently 450,000 Google searches in the US every month, and the number of searches around the world has grown by 335 percent in the last five years.    If we look at the search results for specific CBD products, we can see the following: 
  • CBD for Skin: In the last five years, there has been a 140% rise in searches from all over the world. 
  • CBD Gummies: Over the past five years, there has been an increase of 8300% in searches all over the world. 
  • CBD Oil: In the last five years, there has been a 700% increase in searches from outside the U.S. 
  • CBD Tea:  Ahrefs says that they get about 11,000 monthly searches. 
  It looks like these products are here to stay, so if you want to get into the CBD niche, you should look for a reputable CBD supplier you can trust. This means that they have to take the time to make sure that their products are safe, of good quality, and follow the rules of the US Hemp Authority program.  


  Milkadamia Source: Milkadamia   There are a lot of popular milk alternatives, like oat, soy, almond, cashew, hemp, coconut, and macadamia milk.    The Good Food Institute says that sales of plant-based milk grew by 5% in the last year and by 14% in the last two years. This means that the market for plant-based milk is worth $2 billion in the US alone.    Macadamia nut milk is a new and interesting choice that you can give your customers. You might want to add macadamia nut milk to your online store if you're looking for a new product that appeals to the vegan, plant-based, and health-food markets.   


  Bubly Source: Bubly   Snack boxes are a fun way to eat sweets or treats. They can also be a unique way to serve charcuterie boards, which people can order online and have sent to their homes.    About 18,000 people search for snack boxes every month as of this writing. You can use Google Ads to let people who are looking for snack boxes online know about your online snack box business. 40 percent of the packaged food market in the US is made up of snack sales. This is mostly because Millennials snack more than any other generation, which is why they buy so many snacks.   


  Sunbasket Source: Sunbasket   At the moment, food meal box services like HelloFresh are very popular. Most of the time, these meal boxes are sold on a subscription basis. They are often marketed as an alternative to takeout that makes cooking at home easier and takes less time.    The usual service for meal boxes Some USPs are new, simple, and quick meal ideas that are healthy and don't waste food.    At the time of writing, there were 22,000 monthly searches on Google for "meal kits" in the US alone. This shows that the growing popularity of meal kits makes it a good idea to open an online store in this area.    You could focus on niche diets like vegan, keto, or paleo when you start a food meal box service. Or, you could try to reach people who have allergies to dairy, gluten, or nuts.   


  YUNO Source: Yuno   "Functional drinks" are drinks that are made to do something specific. Gatorade is a well-known example of a functional drink. It is a drink that helps people who care about their health and fitness reach their goals.    This growing trend is also seen in mushroom coffee, sugar-free energy drinks, CBD drinks, and matcha and turmeric lattes, which are used instead of coffee.    Business Research Company's August 2020 report found that more people than ever are looking for healthier food and drink options. This is a popular item to sell online because more and more people are looking for ways to improve their health and immune systems.   Big companies like Coca-Cola and PepsiCo Inc. have already jumped on this trend and are making their own functional drinks, like Coca-Cola with Coffee and Driftwell from PepsiCo. The functional beverage market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6.96% between 2020 and 2025, so it's not surprising that they are.   


  WaxOut Source: WaxOut   Ear drops have been used for a long time to treat ear infections and soften ear wax. Ear drops have been around for decades, but a new breed of natural and homeopathic brands in this niche has led to a 70 percent rise in searches for them over the past five years.    Popular brands include Natrulo, which has things like "mullein and garlic bulb extract" in it. Also, alcohol- and preservative-free ear drops are a good option for people who want a natural way to soften ear wax. If you look at Google Trends, you'll see that the number of searches for ear drops has been steadily going up. If you want to sell trendy items in your online store, you should add ear drops.   


  Smeet Source: Sweet Chef   Acne patches and pimple patches soak up toxins to speed up the healing of pimples and acne. They use hydrocolloid technology to soak up the toxins in the pimple and make a moist environment to help the skin heal. They also keep the person from scratching or squeezing the spot, which has been shown to be helpful.    Right now, the largest market wants round patches that are either invisible or clear and come in different sizes.    More and more people are looking for this product on Google. Each month, over 106,000 people around the world search for "pimple patches." Google Ads should be used to market products that are selling well and are on-trend, like this one.   


    The global skincare market is expected to grow to more than $180 billion by 2024. According to Vogue Business, data from Spate found that a rise in interest in skincare tools was one of the most important new trends during the pandemic.    As beauty spas and salons closed down, skincare tools gave people a way to take care of their skin at home while making it feel like they were at a spa.    Here are some of the most popular beauty tools right now: 
  • Red and blue light masks 
  • Microdermabrasion kits 
  • Gua shas 
  • Quartz, jade, and amethyst face rollers 
  • Facial steamers 
  Just for face rollers, there were 108,000 searches per month around the world on Google. You can get customers if you post videos on social media and charge them a reasonable amount.   


    In the fashion category, sweatpants will be the most popular item to sell online in 2022.    Anyone who works from home, whether they use Zoom meetings or not, knows how great it is to not have to wear work clothes. Well, work.    The best part is that if you're called to a Zoom meeting, you can throw on a neatly pressed shirt to look smart from the waist up, but you can still be comfortable in your sweatpants from the waist down. Maybe that's why the number of searches for sweatsuits has gone up by 100% in just the last year.    About 366,000 people search for the keyword "sweatpants" every month around the world. This makes it a great addition to a fashion online store.    Tip: Check out our curated directories to find sweatpants suppliers. Find clothing manufacturers who can make custom pairs in our Clothing Manufacturers Directory. You can also find wholesale sweatpant suppliers in our Wholesale Suppliers Directory and dropship sweatpants from one of the suppliers in our Dropshipping Suppliers Directory.   


  CDN SHOPIFY   Google Trends shows that popular products to sell, like slippers, are becoming more popular. As working from home becomes more common, more people need comfortable shoes to wear around the house. This is shown by the rise in slipper sales. Most slippers are sold around the holidays, and since 2019, sales are expected to grow by 300%.   


  Hips HeartApps   If your audience tends to like things that are more expensive, silk pajamas are a great alternative to sweatpants.    According to Google Trends, about 64,000 people around the world search for pajamas every month. Adobe Analytics said that sales of pajamas online were up 143% in April 2020 compared to March.    Depending on who your customers are, you could sell cheaper pairs made of satin or more expensive ones made of pure silk. The key is to focus on comfort and luxury that people can enjoy at home.   


  Footwear News   As more people work out outside, hiking boots and other outdoor clothing are becoming popular online.   Because of this, Google Trends says that the number of online searches for hiking boots has gone up, and Ahrefs says that there are about 203,000 monthly searches as of this writing.    Adding hiking boots to your online store is a great idea because you can sell them for both outdoor exercise and as fashion items.   


    The number of people working from home has grown by leaps and bounds, which has led to more lists of popular products to sell in the home office space. When working from home, a simple laptop stand can help ease back pain and help you stand up straighter.    Google Trends says that the number of searches for laptop stands is stable, but there are still more than 253,000 searches for laptop stands each month around the world. We weren't kidding when we said this was one of the best products to sell this year.    This small accessory can be made out of aluminum, plastic, or acrylic, and it can be sold online. There are also ones that fold up, ones that are light, and even ones that stick to windows.   


  Rollingstone   WBOC says that the market for standing desks will grow to $9.541 billion by 2027. The standing desk market is growing because more people are working from home and health and fitness are still important to many people.    Many people use standing desks to keep their bodies moving, stay alert, and keep their posture straight while they work. Some standing desks can also be changed so that they fit people of different heights and work styles.   


    In the past, businesses usually bought ergonomic chairs for their employees. Today, about half of all American workers do their jobs from home. As a result, more and more people want to make their homes look like their offices.    Google Trends shows that even though this product is already searched for 234,000 times a month around the world, its popularity is still expected to grow. So, if you want to change a market that used to be more focused on B2B retail, you could make ergonomic office chairs that look good for B2C and DTC and sell them on your online store.   


  CNET   Fitness products are always popular to sell online. This includes, but is not limited to, folding treadmills, indoor exercise bikes, weights, yoga mats, workout bands, ankle weights, resistance bands, etc.    Even though the market is expected to grow by just under 3 percent between 2020 and 2025, we'll have to wait and see how public gyms and workout classes do over the next few months. Sales at companies like Peloton have gone up by a huge 172 percent, and more than a million people have signed up for their streaming classes, making it a profitable niche.    In light of all of this, selling workout equipment and accessories that can be used at home could be a good idea.    Check out our article on Creator Marketing Tips for Health and Fitness Brands for ideas on how to take advantage of people's growing interest in fitness.   


  NASA Source: NASA   As people spend more time inside, adding a little bit of nature is a good way to make their indoor space look better.    NASA found out in 1989 that having plants inside helps clean the air. So, given what's going on in the world right now, plants that clean the air are even more appealing. Google Trends shows that these best-sellers are becoming more popular, as 30,000 people around the world search for them every month.    NASA's study says that for every 100 square feet of space, you should have two to three indoor plants. For many people, that means having more than one plant in their home. If you sell plants online, your customers could use a lookbook with tips on where to put air-cleaning plants for the most health benefits.   


  Ugaoo   A living wall is a vertical garden that is attached to a wall outside or inside.    Google Trends shows that people are searching for a "living wall" more and more, with 24,000 monthly searches around the world.    This might be because people want to improve their homes now that they spend more time inside. In the niche of plants and flowers, you could sell living walls in online stores. This kind of trendy item could be a good fit for a home office, a dropshipping store, or a buyer looking for a backdrop in the influencer marketing niche.   


  Netdna   People who work from home are using treadmills that fit under their desks to stay active.    This piece of equipment is made to be easy on the joints and is easy to move around. It can also connect to your FitBit, iPhone, or Android device to keep track of how much you move during the day.    You can sell under-desk treadmills online. Google Trends shows that their popularity is still growing, so they are a good product to sell if you want to focus on the health and fitness niche. Online stores that sell these kinds of products may also sell best sellers in fitness, home office accessories, and other items related to fitness or the home office.   


  YugaTech   Top-selling products in the health niche, such as massage guns, are on-trend items to sell.    These tools are easy to use and help relieve aches and pains in soft tissue by applying short bursts of pressure to the muscle. This increases blood flow to the area. More people are massaging their muscles themselves after working out, which makes this a popular product for online businesses.    Google Trends shows that people are searching for massage guns a lot more than they used to. However, e-commerce stores stocking up massage guns can reach a target audience size of 631,000 monthly searches. In the health industry, these trendy products to sell are still getting more and more popular.   


    TikTok is the one that made LED lights a huge new trend that is in high demand.    Teenagers love these products because they can use them in their bedrooms to make a calm space that they can change with the push of a button. But not only do they create a calm atmosphere, but they also make interesting backgrounds for videos that people post to their social feeds.    At the time of writing, more than 1.1 million people search for LED lights every month around the world. With Facebook ads, SEO, or search-based ads like Google, online stores that sell this product at a reasonable price can make a lot of sales.    If you want to sell a popular item that is always in demand, LED lights to come in many colors and are often sold in strips that change between colors and lighting modes. Today, you can start selling online.   


  CDN   Since most people are spending more time indoors, it's not surprising that people are becoming more worried about the air they're breathing.    Cue, air purifiers.    Air purifiers get rid of pollutants, allergens, and particles in the air, and there's no better time than now to sell one.    A report from AP News says that the market for air purifiers is expected to grow by about 10% between 2019 and 2029. Since the pandemic started, there have been more worries about air quality, which is the main reason for this expected rise.    If you want to sell this popular item, you need to be clear about what they do and don't do. The last thing you want to do is make promises to your customers that you can't keep.   


  The Spruce Eats   It was never going to be unpopular to find a healthy way to eat fried food. The market size for air fryers is expected to grow from almost $895 million in 2018 to $1,425.7 million in 2026. This is backed up by the fact that over 4.1 million Google searches are done every month around the world. Also, look at how Google Trends is going up. If you want to run Google Shopping ads on your dropshipping store, air fryers are the products to sell in 2022. If you optimize your site for search, you can get a lot of free traffic.    From an e-commerce seller's point of view, it's a good idea to highlight the benefits of air fryers, like the fact that they can cook without high-calorie, high-fat oils.    There are different kinds of air fryers on the market, with some selling for as little as $50 on Amazon and some going for hundreds of dollars. You could also sell things like paper liners and cookbooks in your online store that go with air fryers.  


    In 2022, you should try to sell popular products like this bright ring light. Ring lights are round lights that are often used by people who make content, stream videos, or have a lot of followers on Instagram.    Google Trends shows that the number of searches has gone down slightly over time. But things seem to be getting better again.    If your niche is beauty, you could use these popular beauty products to make viral social media videos of you putting on makeup in good lighting.    Over the past few years, the number of searches has been going up. And right now, about 1.4 million people search for "ring light" every month. This means that a lot of these have already been sold online, but there is still a big market for them.   


  Popsci   Most cinemas around the world are still closed, so a video projector could be one way for movie fans to feel better about not being able to see movies the way they used to.    Video projectors bring the movie theater experience into the home without breaking the bank. Since so many people are stuck at home and looking for ways to improve their home life, now is a good time to take advantage of the growing interest in video projectors.    With this popular item from the last few months, you can make your own brand. The keyword "video projector" is looked up 20,000 times every month around the world. You can put this in your store that sells electronics, movies, or accessories.   


  Excited Cats   If you've ever had a cat, you know that cat litter doesn't smell like a bed of roses. That's just one reason why more people are looking for luxury cat litter like PrettyLitter.    This kind of cat litter is made of silica, which soaks up bad smells and helps cat owners figure out if their cat is sick by showing changes in the pH level of its urine.    Even though it might seem like a small market, there are more than 95 million house cats in the United States, and their owners are likely very open to new ideas in the cat litter market. It's also a product that can be used to build a subscription delivery service. This can keep customers coming back and bring in recurring revenue, which is good for business.   


  Tiny Grab   There are 2.7 billion gamers in the world. Most of them live in Asia-Pacific, followed by Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Latin America, and then the United States. Accessories are a big business for gamers, who need them and love them.    Google Trends says that gaming is a trend that is on the rise. People are interested in the product because it seems to be able to reduce eye fatigue, eye strain, and headaches that come from playing video games for long periods of time. Over the past five years, the number of searches for these products has gone up by an amazing 2,800%.    The glasses are made to block out the blue light that digital devices give off, which is often the cause of the above symptoms.    There are many places to get blue light glasses these days, so you should be able to find one that fits your needs, whether you want to dropship, make, private label, or sell them in bulk.   


  Browzer   People of all ages have been enjoying jigsaw puzzles and board games for a long time. In an interesting fact, the number of searches for jigsaw puzzles around the world has grown by 94% in the past year. In April 2020, CNBC reported that Ravensburger's sales of jigsaw puzzles had gone up by 370 percent in the last two years.    Given how much time people spend inside, it's not surprising that they want to find new ways to pass the time.    Forbes said in April 2020 that sales of board games, puzzles, and arts and crafts had gone up by a huge amount. One store said that its sales in the last week of March 2020 went up by 4,000%.    Google Trends says that there are 468,000 monthly searches for board games around the world, and that number goes up every December.  


  nintendo life   Since Zoom has become a common word, games that can be played through online chat and video apps have also become more popular. Here, we're talking about things like online board games, online card games, online bingo, and so on.    During the pandemic, online board games are a fun and effective way for friends and family to stay in touch with each other. If you love games or have a good idea for an online game that people can play over video calls, now is the time to put it out there.   


  world chess hof   Since it came out in October 2020, 62 million households have watched the Netflix series The Queen's Gambit.    The Queen's Gambit has made people interested in chess again, which is an interesting side effect. Just in the last three months, the number of searches for chess boards around the world has gone up by 354%. Also, since the show started, sales of chessboards have gone up by 125 percent, according to the New York Times. Some stores have seen sales go up by as much as 1,000 percent.    The great thing about selling chess products is that there are both cheap and expensive ones that people want. This gives you a lot of options.   


  Vernal Source: Vernal   Matcha tea is a type of green tea that is becoming more popular and is seen as a high-quality product. In the end, it's a high-end green tea that has been ground into a fine powder. Because you eat the whole leaf instead of just letting it steep in hot water, the tea has a much higher concentration of good things. Like green tea, this product can be added to many other things as a flavor, an infusion, or an extract, just like green tea.    Matcha is something that business owners should look into if they want to sell high-quality tea, tea-flavored products, or products that are made with tea. In fact, if you want to learn more about how to set up a matcha tea dropshipping business from scratch, we have a whole case study about it right here.    Over 740,000 people search for "matcha" every month, so selling it can be a good business idea. If you sell tea accessories, this could be a great item for the people you want to sell to. Google Trends shows that the number of searches for matcha keeps going up, so this is a good niche to get into because there are a lot of people looking for it.   


  Nootropics Depot Source: Nootropics Nootropics, which are sometimes called "smart drugs" because they help people focus better, think more clearly, and work harder, have become more popular over the past few years. Tim Ferris and other well-known people in the e-commerce industry introduced a lot of people to this relatively new term in 2015, and it seems like this has only added fuel to the fire since then.    One thing to keep in mind is that the market for nootropics is mostly unregulated right now, so if you're thinking about selling them, you should think carefully about it and do your own research before selling them to the public.   


    People have heard of macronutrients and powders that help with workouts before. However, their popularity is on the rise because of how they are sold to consumers. As people's interests quickly shift toward their health, diet, and well-being, more and more consumers are thinking about how much of each macronutrient they take in.    The only thing new about macronutrients is that people are now interested in them. This has started making brands try to connect with these consumers by putting the macronutrients in their food products at the center of their marketing campaigns.    Protein powder is a well-known supplement for workouts that helps muscles recover after a workout. However, it's not a new thing. It has been a popular trend for a long time, but the market for powders that help you work out has started to move into a new area: pre-workout powders. Pre-workout powders, which most people just call "pre-workout," have started to make a name for themselves on the market.    Protein powders are usually taken after a workout to help repair muscles. Pre-workouts, on the other hand, are meant to be taken before a workout to give people a boost of energy and help them get the most out of their workouts. This clever way to sell a simple product to the end-user is a great example of how to think outside the box.    Are you already in the fitness business? Shift your focus and start selling pre-workout supplements while this trend is on the rise. Trying to sell a food or drink product? Show how its macros work. Not in the business of diet, health, or fitness yet? Get on it as soon as you can, because more and more people are buying into it every year because of how many people are promoting it through influencer marketing, ads, and social media networks.   


  L'Oreal Source: L'Oreal   There are always a lot of popular products that are in style in the beauty niche. Balayage is a popular way to color hair that uses highlights to make the hair look like it has natural volume. Even though this is a style that comes and goes in fashion and hair, it seems to be more popular than ever this time around. You can get the look at home or at a salon, which makes the target market a little bit bigger: People, salons, and stockists can all be aimed at for sales.    Hair toners, lighteners, spatulas, color application brushes, after-care products (like shampoos, masks, conditioners, etc.), and more are used to get this look. As long as a lot of social media influencers continue to wear the look, it will continue to spread and sales will stay high. If you want to get into the beauty market, especially the hair care and styling market, you might want to look into the balayage trend and the products that go with it.    The term "balayage current" is searched for 1.7 times per month. If you want to sell the most beauty products, you should jump on niches that are popular quickly.   


  DUDE Source: Dude   Men's hygiene is a niche topic that doesn't get as much attention as it should, but it's definitely on the rise right now. In this case, there are already companies that make hygiene wipes for children and women. However, smaller companies have recently realized that there is a huge market for a similar product for men.    The "dude wipes" are made for all kinds of men, from those who like to camp and do other outdoor things to those who live in busy cities and commute a lot. Since body wipes are part of the group of fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG), which need to be bought often, manufacturers are making "customers for life." That gives a seller the chance to offer subscriptions or automatic re-ordering.  


    Fake eyelashes have been around for a long time, but in the past few years, they've gone through a huge change in style and function, making them more beautiful and useful than ever.    In the past few years, brands, makeup artists, and influencers have been making their own collections of false eyelashes. They use different materials, sizes, colors, and even ways to stick them on to make them easier to use and give a better result. There is a lot of room for creativity and new ideas in this niche, and people are willing to try new things.    The product is also one of those that can be sold for more money. Most of the time, a lot of false eyelashes are bought at once. Also, these are disposable items, so the chance of customers coming back is very high. Since ePacket delivery is easy to get and they are very light and cheap to make and ship, these are also great products to dropship. Check out our case study on Esqido, a high-end false eyelash company, to learn more about how to start a business from scratch.   


  Magenest   Companies like Printful make it easier and easier to start your own clothing line. Creating a custom clothing brand is only going to become more popular as they continue to add more e-commerce platforms that they can connect to and as they add more clothing and customization options. But because there are already so many clothing stores, any new business will have to work hard to stand out. Two ways to do this are to have very niche-specific branded clothing or clothing that is made very close to where you live.    Niche-specific apparel is clothing that only appeals to a certain type of consumer. This could be because of the style, the way it works, or the designs on it. IconSpeak makes t-shirts for people who like to travel, which we talked about in our article Nomad Gear: 10 Minimalist Travel Essentials for Digital Nomads. These t-shirts are an example of niche-specific clothing.    Hyper-local clothing is clothing that is made for a very specific group of people in a certain area. For example, as a fun side project, we started a 24-hour t-shirt business and aimed it at a very local audience with creative designs that appealed to subway commuters.    Here are some more examples of clothing brands with a strong local presence: 
  • Detroit vs. Everybody (Detroit) 
  • Drake General Store (Toronto) 


  CDN Shopify   It seems like enamel pins are one of those trends that come back every few years and have been around for a long time. Enamel pins are back in style because you can design and/or personalize your own pins easily and quickly.    These pins are great fashion accessories because they look great on bags, jackets, t-shirts, and so on. Pieces that make a statement can be very small. On the other hand, companies, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and people who want to show what they stand for also use enamel pins. A small thing like this has a lot of social and cultural meaning because it can be a sign or a way to send a message.    If you want to sell a lot of these, you might want to make a strong marketing campaign and maybe target fandoms, lifestyle groups, and people who like pop culture. Check out this article to learn more about how to start your own business selling enamel pins.   


    Fitness leggings are another great item for dropshippers to sell. These have been around for a few years, and from what I can see, they don't look like they're going anywhere soon. This product fits into multiple niches that are popular right now, which makes it a useful item for anyone who wants to build a fashion, fitness, or athleisure brand.    Like beanie hats, fitness leggings are very light, come in many different styles, fabrics, and colors, and are cheap to stock and ship. As a dropshipper, it's easy to stock your store with different styles and options to see what sells best. This gives your customers great options, which makes them happy and keeps them coming back to your store.    You can get these products in front of your target audience through your online shop by using Facebook ads, search ads, and reading about how other brands with similar products did it.   


    Socks. You did read that correctly. Socks are another product that seems to be popular almost all the time. In fact, novelty socks have been popular for a few years now, especially around the holidays.    They are the perfect product because they are comfortable, can be worn by anyone of any age, gender, or style, and are easy to match with other clothes. Keep in mind, though, that while novelty socks are a great niche, regular socks have a lot more competition and the market is already full of them. Since the market is still growing, novelty socks are a great alternative to more traditional ones.   


  The Sun   Athleisure is activewear that isn't just worn for sports. Instead, it's worn as a casual look. This style of clothing focuses on comfort, durability, and style, which is why it has become popular in recent years.    As a seller, this gives you a lot of options, like selling leggings, sweatpants, t-shirts, shoes, socks, headbands, sports bras, and so on.    Athleisure is great because, unlike most fashion trends, it's not going anywhere. This niche is also a great way to get into other markets, like health and holistic living or sports and fitness.    With social media sites like Instagram and Pinterest making athleisure even more popular and influencers promoting athleisure products, the trend is likely to stick around for a while.   


    Google Trends shows that backpacks are becoming more and more popular. Part of this is because startups on crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter are trying to make the perfect urban backpack. But it's also cool to wear a backpack to work again, and you can find a lot of different types and styles in stores.    The new style of anti-theft backpacks that protect city commuters' belongings or the tracking systems and battery charging capabilities of high-tech urban packs have ushered in a new era for a product that used to be seen as a back-to-school special. Even though this product sells best when kids go back to school in August and September, that doesn't mean it won't sell at other times of the year, especially to adults.    As a business owner, you could stock and sell different kinds of backpacks for different age groups, activities, and styles, like those for students, travelers, IT specialists, city commuters, and so on. This trend is a great way to see where one product can take you in different ways.   


  CNet   Even though a mattress might seem like it doesn't belong on a list of popular items, it does. Not only is there almost always a need for mattresses, but as technology has changed, so have things like mattresses that are used every day.    Some of the new breeds of high-tech mattresses include ones that track your sleep and sleep health, ones that have auto-temperature settings that cool down in the summer and heat up in the winter, ones that are connected to automatic coffee makers, and ones that have a vibrating alarm system built-in.    Even the good things about mattresses vary Some help with orthopedic healing, while others help with sleep problems. There are many options, and technology is always getting better. There are even mattresses that come in a box, making them easy to move from one place to another. These mattresses are small enough to fit in elevators or be carried upstairs. It would be a good idea to jump on this popular product while there is still room in the market for you to make your own niche.   


    Another product that has become very popular because of sites like Instagram and Pinterest is fairy lights. People have used these lights to decorate their homes, make restaurants feel cozier, decorate for the holidays, and more.    There are even social media pages devoted to showing people how to use and style fairy lights to their liking. People often buy these lights in groups, and they can also be sold with other home decor items.  


    Drones are not only popular but there are also new kinds of drones coming out. Drones have become a more reasonable purchase for consumers in the past few years, so their popularity has grown quickly. However, as time has gone on, drone technology has continued to improve, and so has the way people use them in their everyday lives.    This year, drones will be one of the most popular products. However, technology will continue to improve, which will make it easier for people to use drones in different parts of their lives. First, auto-follow drones are becoming popular because their advanced technology lets people control them without using their hands.    Underwater drones are also becoming more popular. These help people find fish and map out the underwater world.    Google Trends shows that the number of searches for "underwater drone" has stayed the same since they became more popular, which shows that this product is here to stay. About 17,000 people a month look for the term "underwater drone" in search engines.   


  Hips Hearst Apps   For many businesses, this is the best time to find the right product to sell online. As people use more and more tech products in their daily lives, there is more interest in adding accessories to make them look better, work better, and be more stylish.    These accessories can add style to the device itself, whether it's a phone, computer, camera, drone, etc., or they can be more stylish versions of things you usually use with a device, like docking stations, power banks, cords, chargers, etc. Some popular accessories are the iRing and PopSockets, which add more features to smartphones. AirPod Skins add style and protection to Apple AirPods, and drone sweaters and AirPod floss stickers are also popular. There are a lot of things you can sell in your e-commerce business today from the smartphone accessories market.    Use the demand for stylish, sleek, streamlined, and useful accessories to your advantage and make a new product that makes a device or accessory better. The great thing about this method is that it doesn't have to be hard. Spend some time thinking about the things you use every day and what small addition would make them work or look better. You don't have to start from scratch; just think of useful, useful, funny, or customizable additions that make devices better.   


  The Cabinet Doctors   Along the same lines, smart accessories are making their way into other parts of how people shop. Smart appliances like the Google Home, Amazon Echo, and even smart toothbrushes and cutting boards are designed to make people's daily lives easier, and they're becoming more popular.    Everything seems to be on the table, and we don't know what will happen in the future. Smart appliances are slowly becoming a part of the daily life of the average consumer, and we expect them to become even more common as they get better and people start to see the real benefits of using them.    Pay attention to the things you do every day. Where do you see smarter innovations being made in your home, even if they seem small? Smart appliances are the way of the future, and their popularity will only grow as the year goes on.   


  PCMAG   Last but not least, 3D printing is on its way to becoming a regular part of business and consumer life. For a long time, it seemed like a futuristic experiment that regular people like you and me could only dream of. However, the time has come when you can own a 3D printer.   Technology and development have finally gotten to a point where it's possible for some people to buy it. It's not yet worth buying for most people, but we expect it to grow by leaps and bounds over the next couple of years. Keep an eye on how it develops and start planning now so you can take advantage of it when it becomes a part of people's lives.    Most likely, you don't know enough about technology or have the resources to make your own 3D printer. Instead, leave that to the experts and focus on the extras. Once it's available to a large number of people, they'll want add-ons that make their lives even easier.  


  The Gadget Flow   When we were kids, we probably all wished we didn't have to get up from the couch or bed to turn the lights on or off. We wished we could just clap and it would be done. There are smart lights that turn on when you clap, and there are also a lot of other smart lighting systems and smart lights. Eco-friendly lighting, automatic timers for lights, mood settings, color control, remote access to lighting systems in places with wifi, lighting that turns on when it senses motion, and more are just a few of the options. There are so many choices!    As the number of options in the industry grows by the second, so does the number of people who use it. Customers have become more concerned about the environment, which has made it important for smart lighting companies to get creative with their products.    Listen to what the clients say: Make a product they want that isn't already on the market or a tweaked version of one that is. Smart lighting is the future of home lighting, and it's picking up speed right now, so it would be a good idea to get into the market as soon as you can.   


  CDN Shopify   Again, this is not a new idea by any means. What matters is how it gets to the end consumer. Journaling is becoming more popular because people want to take care of their mental and emotional health and are looking for ways to relax, think, practice mindfulness, or be grateful.    In recent years, people have bought a lot of The Five Minute Journal, The Bullet Journal, The Happiness Planner, The Anxiety Journal, The Passion Planner, and the SELF Journal. Consumers will tell you that these simple tools help them in so many ways that make their lives better as a whole.    Do you have a great idea for a journal or a way to keep a journal that you want to tell everyone about? Start working on your idea and making it better so you can turn it into a business. It's too soon to tell if this will be a long-term trend or just a passing fad, but this market has room to grow.   


  Amazon   Every year, there is one product that becomes a big deal and stays that way for a while. Even though the fidget spinner went viral years ago, the last year was all about toys that you could fidget with. No matter what kind of toy it was—a spinner, a fidget cube, or a squishy toy that you can attach to your phone or laptop—it was selling like crazy.    The fidget spinner, on the other hand, became a cult item with its own social media challenges. Because there was such a high demand for these toys, the companies that made the ball bearings used in them were sometimes put under pressure to make more than they could.    Even though these toys have been around for more than 25 years and were originally made for people with anxiety and/or autism, they are now one of the most popular office toys. Now is a good time for both adults and kids to stock up on these things. Is there a different group of people you could sell fidget toys to, or another kind of fidget toy you could make?   


    Plush toys are a great addition to your store if you sell things for kids as part of a home or lifestyle business. These kinds of toys have always been popular, but there's always a new kind of plush toy that everyone talks about and that every parent and child needs to have.    Do some research on the most popular plush toys right now and think about how you could make a plush toy that kids can't get enough of or that has special features or extra benefits that parents might like.   


  We hope that this post gives you an idea of what will happen to e-commerce businesses this year as old trends die out and new ones take their place. Think about these popular products and niche ideas, and either add some of them to your current business or use them as a jumping-off point for something new that customers will love. 

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    主辦國家 : 菲律賓、印尼、日本
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    主辦國家 : 菲律賓、印尼、日本
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    參賽隊伍 : 共有32隊
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