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20 Useful Tools to Help You Sell Things on Pinterest

Pinterest is a visual search engine that helps you find ideas for things like recipes, home decor, and fashion.   Also, it is one of the most important companies working on social commerce, and it is always adding new features to its commerce side. Bill Ready, who was Google's head of commerce before becoming Pinterest's new CEO, will help the site keep trying to get people to buy things.   Pinterest Source: Pinterest   Here's a list of things that can help you sell on Pinterest. There are tools to make shops and shoppable pins, product catalogs and groups, dynamic ad campaigns, and live shopping events. The API for Shopping, video in product catalogs, and a shop tab in business profiles are all new ways to do business. Users can also use tools to find shoppable pins, find new brands, and try on products before buying them.  

Tools for selling on Pinterest


Verified Merchant Program

  The Pinterest Verified Merchant Program is for sellers who have met the guidelines for merchants and have a blue badge on their profiles. To get the badge, sellers must have accurate price information, a good website and product pages, and clear shipping and return policies. Verified sellers can put information about the communities they serve and the mission and values of their brand on their profiles.   Source: Pinterest  

Pinterest Shop

  Merchants can add a shop tab to their profile to show products that can be bought. Include in-stock items organized by category, highlighted groups, and recommendations that are made on the fly. The user will see groups of products that are appropriate for their country and language.   Source: Pinterest  

API for Shopping

  API for Shopping is a new tool that builds on Pinterest's investments in shopping and measurement features, like catalog and product metadata management, to make it easier for merchants to get better data about their products. According to Pinterest, the Pinterest API for Shopping has been shown to give price and availability information that is 97 percent accurate.   things Source: Pinterest  


  Catalogs on Pinterest are collections of items. Merchants can use an e-commerce platform like Shopify or WooCommerce to automatically add their entire product feeds. They can also use Pinterest's Ads Manager or the new shopping API.   Then, a shop tab would show up on the profile of a merchant to help people find products. Catalogs now have videos so that pinners can see the product from different angles when deciding whether or not to buy it, which increases conversions.   Source: Pinterest  

Product Groups

  Product Groups are groups of items from a merchant's catalog that can be shown on a shop tab or promoted with shopping ads. Make product groups by hand or get suggestions or groups that are made for you automatically. If you've linked your Shopify account to Pinterest, your Shopify collections will automatically sync as product groups.   Source: Pinterest  

Product pins

  Metadata is added to product pins, and the way they look tells users that they can be bought. Prices, availability, titles, and descriptions are all included on product pins. Some product pins will have a link to the website of the store. Others let you buy things from stores without having to leave Pinterest. Labels like "Best Seller" or "Refurbished" can be put on pins for products.   Source: Pinterest  

Try On

  Try On lets people virtually try on products with the help of Pinterest Lens and augmented reality. You can get to the Try On tool from different parts of the Pinterest app, like the search bar and some product pins. It can be used for beauty products and home decor.   Source: Pinterest  

Product Tagging

  Product Tagging lets merchants tag images that inspire them with products that can be bought. This moves users from being inspired to taking action. The price and description of tagged products will be shown. You can add up to eight tags to a scene. Tags let you run dynamic retargeting campaigns to reach Pinterest users who have already been to your site.   Source: Pinterest  

Shopping Ads

  Shopping ads are single pictures that show a product that a user might be interested in. Product data is used by Pinterest to show relevant products to users, like those who are looking at product pins. With this feature, sellers can't add more targeting to their shopping ads.   Source: Pinterest  

Collections pins and ads

  Collections pins and ads show up in feeds on mobile devices as one big picture above three smaller ones. When a user clicks on a collection, they get a full-screen view of the main creative and up to 24 other versions. Choose product groups to feature in personalized collection ads.   Shopping-Business-Collections-01-1200px.gif (1200×797) Source: Pinterest  

Idea pins and ads

  Idea pins and ads are an immersive, multi-page way to show how creators and advertisers put their ideas to work. Shoppers can go to the brand's website to get step-by-step instructions, see lists of materials and ingredients, and do other things.   With paid partnerships and idea ads, brands and Pinterest creators can work together to make interactive content for a wider audience. "Takes" let pinners respond to a creator's idea with their own linked idea pin, which makes engagement more meaningful.   Source: Pinterest  

Pinterest TV

  Pinterest TV lets creators show off products and tag them so that pinners can shop and buy them on the site of the retailer. Hosts have a toolbox with things like a product drawer with prices and details, product drops and brand collaborations, a display of how much is left, and a limited-time offer module to share discounts.   Source: Pinterest  

Creator Rewards

  Creator Rewards is a way for content creators to get paid for making content that inspires people. As part of its Creator Rewards program, Pinterest gives small grants to creators for projects they're really excited about. For more help, the company is putting $20 million into Creator Rewards and other projects. Use the Pinterest app to sign up for Creator Rewards.   Source: Pinterest  

The Yes

  The Yes is a fashion platform that is powered by artificial intelligence and gives users personalized shopping feeds based on what they tell the platform about brand, style, and size. Pinterest just bought The Yes, and now the app and website are going away so that the combined teams can work on integrating the technology.   Source: Pinterest  

Pinterest Business Partners

  Pinterest Business Partners are outside companies that help you set up your shop, make content, scale your ads, and measure how well they're doing. With WooCommerce, Shopify, Ecwid, VersaFeed, GoDataFeed, and other tools, you can import your products, manage your feeds, and make the experience your own.  

Tools for Pinners


Shop from search

  Shop from search makes it easy for Pinterest users to buy things they find on the site. Users can type keywords into the search bar to find a tab with 100 percent shoppable results, and they can browse by price and brand to find products that fit their style and budget.   Source: Pinterest  

Shopping List

  With the new Shopping List feature, pinners can see all of their saved pins for products in one place. Pinners can compare prices, reviews, and shipping information in a grid to help them decide what to buy. Users will get price drop alerts when the price of a product changes.   Source: Pinterest  

Shop with Lens

  Shop with Lens lets Pinterest users link images that inspire them from outside of Pinterest to online products that can be bought on Pinterest. This is made possible by Lens's visual search.   When pinners see something in the real world that inspires them, they can use the Pinterest camera to take a picture and then use a visual search to find similar home decor and fashion products that are in stock.   Source: Pinterest  

Shop from Boards

  Shop from Boards gives pinners a place to shop on their boards, with ideas for in-stock products based on the content they've saved.  

Shopping Spotlights

  Shopping Spotlights show trending content picked by experts to get Pinterest users to shop and discover new brands. The way these articles about the latest shopping trends are written and designed makes me think of a personal stylist and an editorial magazine.   Source: Pinterest

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