About CanCode.io 

Founded in 2020, cancode.io started its business by developing e-commerce applications on Shopify during a time when the number of online businesses were growing quickly due to covid-19.  The applications that we offer are simples but powerful, and scale to meet the needs of any business, even yours. They are designed to give your store the full potential it deserves. 

Despite a slow-down, we still believe that the future of the retail is online through a better user experience, which plays a major role when purchasing online. 

And with the growing demand and interaction, we are now extending our services to provide UX/UI design service and tech development as well as financial planning for your business. 

Brands you love that are working with CanCode.io

Why we do it.

Major e-commerce marketplaces and big brands represent 90% of the transactions. Their size enables them to compete on multiple fronts at the same time and keep growing. 

As those big players are consolidating their position, it is now getting more and more difficult for the small and independent stores to make their way through and fight against those giants.  

We do not think that this is the way to be, and we want to change that. 

At CanCode.io, we believe that any e-commerce brand deserves a chance to compete online and should have the necessary tools to stand up.  

This is the reason why we offer a wide range of services, from e-commerce applications to tailor-made products, to empower your online business and increase your conversion rate. 

How we do it.

Empowering e-commerce shop takes time and none of this would be possible without hard work. 

Putting ourselves into someone else’s shoes is how we get our inspiration to develop our new products and to understand our customers’ needs and pain points. 

Whether you are selling hand-made bags, t-shirts or phone accessories, our goal is to help you grow your business when it comes to sell online. 

Our values.

  • Passion 

    We are passionate about technology and it drives us to perform better 

  • Teamwork 

    Our team members are all about helping each other to deliver as a group 

  • Commitment 

    We are committed to our work, employees and clients 

  • Learning 

    We promote continuous learning to get better at what we do 

As always, you are the hero of your store, and we are only here to assist you in your success. 

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